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Monday, December 1, 2008

It's NOT the economy...'s US.

Yeah, I said it!

It's not the banks.

It's not the auto industry.

It's not the credit card companies.

It's not the mortgage companies either!

It's US.


Our citizens.

If I hear another person say,"Well, with the way the ECONOMY is...,"I may just scream!

I know it's hard to take responsibility, but we allowed this to happen. Whether conciously or unconciously, we did. We allow it to happen by doing nothing but saying, "the economy sucks."

What are you doing to fix it? We are responsible for the government we allow!!!!

I know it's overwhelming to think about what you can do since you are just one person-but you know how the saying only takes ONE person to change things!

How about just by starting with changing your attitude from one of a victim to one who has the power and the ability to have an effect. You may not know how yet, but I guarantee changing that victim attitude will bring ways you didn't see possible!

The same goes for eating healthier! When we say we are too busy, too broke, etc. to eat healthy, is that REALLY true? Is it really your career, your slowing metabolism, or your lack of time? Or is it something else that keeps you from really changing your diet habits???

I'm going to be posting more info. here about a 7 day detox program I'm going to try, and I'll post more info. up here for anyone who wants to participate in it with me(it's free) So check back for that-it always helps to have support when you are trying to change your diet/habits! :)

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