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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Vitamin E and C in the news

I'm so sick of the media always changing their mind on things. One minute vitamin E and C are good for preventing cancer, the next it's not. I'm sure if you had followed the news you have read the latest brilliant headline that Vitamin E and C are not good for preventing cancer...

Ok, I worked in the news and tv for almost ten years. All I'm going to say on that is to take it with a grain of salt (sorry about the cliche, but it works here nicely so I'm sticking with it!)

I have to say I agree with the news reports though...VITAMINS manufactured in a plant that doesn't care about quality, or fillers....yeah, those are not going to do any good!!

The best way to get your vitamins is still from natural sources-organic if you can!

Get your vitamins from your food, not a pill! If you get it from a pill, make sure it's of only the highest quality (cold pressed, so it's not heated too much, and no fillers! Organic materials are best-no point in taking vitamins if they have chemicals also!)

I don't need a bunch of people sitting around researching whether fake vitamin pills will help me cure cancer.

I just KNOW that vitamins from QUALITY food will help me with cancer. It's just common sense.

You don't need to study that!

Just my opinion :)

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DelightfullyHealthy said...

I hear you! The media takes "highlights" of the studies directly from the drug companies that sponsor them, I think. Since kale and brown rice aren't sponsoring any studies, well, you get the picture.

Eat real food. That's what I say. And if you have to supplement, supplement with vitamins made from real food. You're right. It's just common sense.