Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentines Day-Ultimate Raw Vegan Chocolate Recipes

Every Valentines Day I try to blog about a special holiday deal. I really love this holiday, mainly because I love sappy movies, chocolate and flowers (with or without a man!) I think you will like the one I have picked! :) I'm always looking for fun raw food recipes, and it looks like Kristen has a really great recipe ebook to try out this Valentines Day! It's only $11.95, and you will get it in 1-12 hours! Plenty of time to be making amazing raw chocolates by Valentines Day :) I haven't personally tried this ebook out since I have not been home to make any recipes, but I am friends with Kristen on facebook and the pictures of her food she posts always looks amazing! Here is what she has to say about her chocolate recipe ebook:
101 Pages
58 Raw Food recipes, including:

* Introduction to Raw & 6 Basic Raw Recipes*
* 30 Chocolate Desserts
* 11 Chocolate Drinks
* 11 Chocolate Snacks, Soup, Salad Dressing, Crackers & Breakfast
* View list of recipes in the book
* View photos of recipes from this book

This title is also available in print from

Page 61 - Goddess Cream Cake
This dessert is so amazing, we delayed the release of this book to include a photo of it on the cover!

Eating the world's healthiest food and enjoying lavishly indulgent and decadent food are not mutually exclusive! Why not? Because RAW CHOCOLATE is one of nature's most amazing superfoods!

This book is the ultimate introduction to chocolate in its most pure, natural form. Using raw, dark chocolate (also called "raw cacao nibs"), raw chocolate powder, raw cacao butter, and raw cacao liquor, Kristen has released this much-anticipated collection of her favorite chocolate-based recipes — both sweet and savory — that is certain to make you look at this amazing ingredient in an entirely new way and open a whole new dimension in your enjoyment of delicious food.

Format: My ebooks are delivered as Adobe Acrobat .PDF files that I email to you personally in 1-12 hours (much sooner during business hours).

Happy Valentines Day!