Monday, October 19, 2009

If you are a Michigan Raw Foodist, and a parent, you will want to check out my friend Samantha's website Color Wheel Meals. I'm not a parent myself, but I can only imagine how it could easily seem overwhelming to try and change not only your eating habits, but also your children's! Children have different nutritional needs than adults, and also, you want to make sure they are getting enough calories, which can be difficult on a raw/living foods diet. Samantha has two beautiful children of her own, and has been successfully adding raw/living foods into her families meals to help them overcome their health issues with better nutrition. You don't want to miss out on her demo's, workshops, and coaching!

Michigan Health Coach

Sometimes we need extra encouragement to meet our health goals. It's great to have family and friends help out, but there is nothing like having a professional health coach give you advice and tips. I recently had a comment from Cheryl Heppard over at Michigan Health Coach and I just love her website, and all of the services she offers-especially the pantry raid and recipe revamps! I also like that Cheryl tries to keep things simple, since most of us all live very busy lives! Check out her website, you will be glad you did!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

World Without Cancer

A friend of mine has a beautiful little one year old girl who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer :( So, I had been researching about her particular cancer and came across a World Without Cancer's website. I wonder if it's true that eating the seeds of fruits (along with the fruit) can prevent and cure cancer? It wouldn't surprise me if the cure was THAT simple. I know my grandma and great uncle on my mom's side both have lived long, cancer free lives and they would eat all of the fruit-even the peel of oranges! (which I always found gross.) Whereas my mom had breast cancer, and ate a much more processed diet. Some people think the seeds are toxic, but others argue that when eaten with the fruit it's not anymore. It reminds me of eggs-when eaten in whole, not just, say, the yolk, but the whole egg-it's a perfect, complete food. So, is it the same with fruit? Should we be eating the whole fruit? While people are concerned it's toxic, I don't know of anybody personally who has died from eating the seeds, do you? I would think you would have to eat a LOT of them to get sick. Also, isn't chemotherapy extremely toxic? I would take the toxic seeds of fruit, as opposed to the toxic drug of the medical profession any day! At least with fruit it would probably be a toxin level that only goes after the bad cells. At least, that's my general intuition on the situation, although it is just that-a guess. What are your thoughts on this? Is it safe to eat the seeds of fruit? Would you consider doing that if you found out you had cancer?

Too much sugar leads to violents crime in adulthood?

Yes, that's right. I actually read that on yahoo news today. I would have to say that any association between this and violent crime later in life, would have to be a link between poor parenting (what good parent would give their child lots of sugar??) but poor nutrition will make you act up too. I am certain most of our behavior problems are diet related (and now I'm also starting to believe it's vaccines-thanks to the swine flu propaganda, I've been doing a lot of research on them) Anyways, it's interesting to think about with Halloween coming up!! :)