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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Alternative to pop (or soda!)

I thought I finally kicked my pop (or soda, or coke or whatever you call it!) habit. I was free of it for over a month, and feeling great. Than the holidays...sigh.

My last post made me think about how I could make my own version of pop without all the sugar and additives. I did some research and I guess there is a new version of Pepsi that claims to be all natural ingredients, and I guess Redbull has a brand of natural cola also.

I doubt they would be at my standards though, as a raw foodist (ok, raw foodist wannabe! lol)what I consider "natural" is different I'm sure, than say, Pepsi or Redbull!

I'm not really picky about the pop tasting exactly like coke or pepsi, but if I was...I think that would be really hard to get it close!!

But anyways, if you weren't too set on getting the taste could probably make a really good drink with carbonated water for the fizz effect, maybe some vanilla and cinnamon,and other spices!

I want to play around with different spices when I get a chance. I'll let you guys know if any taste good!

Does anyone have any tips on what I should try??

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