Thursday, June 18, 2009

Can foods attract prosperity?

It's not often I get mass mailings in my email that I care about, but when I do it's usually from David Wolfe. The man has some fascinating insights! Check out this latest video about foods that can attract prosperity! I know I need some ;)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I heard adgitizer is supposed to have high payouts for their ad's. I've tried bidvertiser, google ads, and a few others with minor success, so we'll see! If you want to sign up or just check it out, my affiliate ID is at:

Greening of Detroit

Speaking of urban agriculture in Detroit, The Greening of Detroit is another great website to check out. I really believe in their cause. Check it out at:


If you live in the City of Detroit, I think this website is worth checking out:

I haven't looked at it too much yet since it's late, but from what I read he seems like a great candidate- created a recyling program, and supports urban agriculture in Detroit. (Which I think is a great idea for making Detroit a better place!)

Vibrams Five Fingers Rock my Socks off...and my shoes!!

I wrote a REALLY long post about this, and it got deleted by accident! So, this one won't be as good, but better than nothing at least! Those of you who read my blog from the beginning may remember when I tried training for a half marathon last year. I had to give it up because while I could run for hours on a treadmill, my legs were useless on regular ground. I'm not even joking when I say I could only run a few steps on regular ground before having to walk! I just figured it was something wrong with me, and my trainer at the gym said I needed to do squats and strengthen my legs. Well, the oh so hip and creative people over at We Like it Raw mentioned Vibram's Five Fingers. It just so happened that I had read about how great it is to be barefoot, and had been spending more time outside barefoot when I got my daily dose of Vitamin D! So, I was curious to check it out. I love being barefoot, and use my rebounder (mini-trampoline) barefoot. At first it hurt, but my feet eventually got used to it. I finally splurged and got a pair. You can see them at Vibram's KSO
I highly suggest you go in a store to try them on first! (I went to Footprints in Ann Arbor, and was very happy with their service) You can measure your feet yourself, but it's good to try them first. Mine were too short in the toes, but too wide in the width (yes, I have long, skinny toes and narrow feet! lol) I was going to be cheap and get the Classic, but by going in and trying them first I realized I needed the strap on the KSO's to make them tighter. The negatives of going in? All they had were purple shoes! So much for blending in as much as possible..although I may never buy really cute shoes again because nobody, and I mean NOBODY notices them when I wear them out! lol Or maybe they are just afraid to say anything to me 'cuz they think I'm crazy :P (If that's the case, I may just get 5 more pairs!)I feel a bit like I'm doing something wrong-as if the owner of restaurants or stores will come up to me and say I need to wear REAL shoes! I also have better grip when I'm walking around bumps in the road, or even just putting my feet up on a stool-it's almost like having two more hands-I feel a bit like a monkey too using my feet that way! lol If you are going to go running where there are stones or things like woodchips, be aware that things can get stuck in between your toes!

Ok, so enough did they work out for me? Well, I could run on regular ground NO PROBLEMS AT ALL!!! :) :) I guess there wasn't anything wrong with my feet after's shoes!! I think the rebounding barefoot helped a lot, so don't do what I did-start off wearing your Vibrams slowly, so your feet adjust. I did get a blister, but nothing as bad as what I got from wearing regular running shoes! My calves and ankles were sore, but it was a minor pain-just felt like I had a good workout-which I did!

Check out this much more interesting post on the science behind why we don't need shoes:
Tim Ferris

Here's a pic of my shoes :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Teen outsmarts doctor...

I read an article that just shows yet another sign that the medical field today needs a major overhaul (at least in the US). To be fair, nobody is going to care about your issues the way YOU will, which may be why her doctors missed her situation. It just goes to show you that you should always listen to your body, and never give up if what doctors tell you doesn't feel right to you. Sometimes they miss things, and sometimes they are wrong. I think too many people rely on doctors to know everything, and think they can't figure things out for themselves. Now, if only this girl knew about raw/living foods and how to cure her Colitis naturally. She seems smart though, hopefully she won't blindly just trust whatever the medical field says to treat her Crohn's!

read yahoo article here

or here is a reposting of it:
When doctors didn't give a Washington state high school student the answers she wanted, she took matters into her own hands.

Eighteen-year-old Jessica Terry, brought slides of her own intestinal tissue into her AP science class and correctly diagnosed herself with Crohn's disease.

"It's weird I had to solve my own medical problem," Terry told CNN affiliate KOMO. "There were just no answers anywhere ... I was always sick."

For years she went from doctor to doctor complaining of vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss and stomach pains. They said she had irritable bowel syndrome. They said she had colitis. They said the slides of her intestinal tissue were fine, but she knew that wasn't right.

"Not knowing much about a disease you're growing up with is not only nerve-wracking, but it's confusing," Terry told the Sammamish Reporter.

So when local pathologists stopped in to teach students in her Biomedical Problems class how to analyze slides, the high school senior decided to give her own intestines a look.

What she found? A large dark area showing inflammation, otherwise known as a granuloma--a sure sign of the intestinal disease.

To confirm her suspicion, she checked in with her teacher.

"'Ms. Welch! Ms. Welch! Come over here. I think I've got something!" she shouted.

Mary Margaret Welch, who has spent 17 years teaching science at Eastside Catholic School, had a feeling Terry was on to something.

"I snapped a picture of it on the microscope and e-mailed it to the pathologist," Welch said. "Within 24 hours, he sent back an e-mail saying yes, this is a granuloma."

The finding impressed doctors.

"Granulomas are oftentimes very hard to find and not always even present at all," said Dr. Corey Siegel, a bowel disease specialist at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. "I commend Jessica for her meticulous work."

While Terry's glad to finally have answers, she now knows she'll have a tough road ahead.

Crohn's disease is an incurable, though treatable condition caused by inflammation in the intestines. It can cause malnutrition, ulcers, pain and discomfort.

Still, she looks towards the future with optimism. She'll begin nursing school in the fall and hopes to have a kid's book on Crohn's disease published.

Raw Mom Summit

If you are a raw foodist and mom, you will not want to miss this!

Just click on the picture for more information:

Raw Mom Summit - The Evolution of Motherhood has arrived

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Koyaanisqatsi: Life out of Balance

I had to watch this video in a film class (or maybe Native America history?) and it's quite moving. It's slow to begin, but get's better! Koyaanisqatsi is the Native American word for Life out of Balance.

Cancer Rates Are Dropping

After reading lots of negative news stories on some facebook pages, I decided to look up some good news and found a website (actually, quite a few, but I really liked this one the best) with lots of positive stories. I wonder if cancer rates are down because people are finally paying more attention to nutrition? I went to the regular grocery store a few days ago because I am just worried about losing weight right now (I will focus on nutrition when I lose 30 lbs! I can't seem to do both! So far, I've lost 6 lbs. with and I noticed all the "regular" name brands have now hopped on the health food band wagon. It's definitely becoming mainstream...which would be good, if I could trust the food industry! Anyways, here is the link:Good News Network

Monday, June 8, 2009

Kaia Foods

Nick over at graciously sent me some samples of his wonderful food. I have to say it was REALLY good! I happened to open it right after a Red Wings game, so there was a full house...and everybody who tried it loved it also (and none of them were raw foodists!) I even ended up telling them to just keep one bag (the raisins)since they were so into it! The only thing I have to say is that it's really high in calories...which is fine, just be aware of it. It's very filling and it doesn't have any processed stuff in it, not to mention it has a ton of great nutrients (a lot of superfoods in it) It's way better than snacking on a donut...or even just regular granola. It's really crunchy, but chewy it's a good stress relieving food. You really need to try it out-I know you will love it as much as we did!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's MY blog....

My opinions. MY thoughts. I will post whatever I want. I can say whatever I want. I never post names. Don't like it, don't read it. I never said WHO it was about. Soo, deal with it! I really don't care. lol


I heard about this organization and I think it's really great. I want to share it in the hopes that somebody reading will sign up to be a CASA! I am considering it, but my life is so unstable that I'd hate to break such an important commitment. I really want to do it, but I have to give this a lot of thought-if I do it, I'm going all out for whatever family I'd be assigned. I have never been a foster child, and in fact had a very good, loving family and childhood. However, we moved a lot and I was the youngest-so I know what it's like to move and be the new kid all the time, and to feel like nobody listens to you. I also have watched somebody who had a kid with a woman he is no longer with, and saw how the parents bounced him back and forth between their homes at whim whenever they felt like it. The poor kid had no stability for the first five years of his life-it was 3 days with daddy, 2 with mommy, 5 with daddy, 1 with mommy, 6 with daddy, 2 with get the idea. I felt like nobody actually listened to him when he was upset...and there was NOTHING I could do about it. But with CASA, you are actually able to make a difference and stand up for children-and the judges will listen to you (or at least you can say you tried-and you will DEFINITELY make a difference in the child's life at least by showing them you are always there) If you are retired, or looking for volunteer work check out CASA:

Ok, so I quit my blog 30lbsby30 because I just couldn't keep track of it every day. I recently joined and really like it. It tells you how many calories,carbs,fat,and protein you need a day and you input it into a tracker. I really like seeing how much I have for the day, and how much I have allowed left. I'm not eating all raw foods, but I find myself naturally eating more because than I can eat more that day! It's also really making me think about how many calories and fat are in the foods I eat-something I never thought about before. It's a challenge planning my meals to make sure I don't go over my calorie amount. I'm actually finding it fun, not limiting! I also find I have to eat MORE. I think what my problem was that I don't get hungry that much, so I don't eat a lot. Than I emotional eat at night really fatty foods because I didn't eat that much earlier. Now I see, oh it's dinner time and I barely ate anything, I need to add something-but not TOO much. I make better choices when I do eat. I really like tracking how much I exercise too-it forces me to be accountable and not skip it-because I want to put it in that I made my goal that day (I'm competitive like that lol) If you register you can add me as a friend on my sparkpage (my user name is Michiganrawfood....and I'm sure you guessed!) I share my daily food menu and you can see how much I work out. lol If you want to stalk my food and exercise habits, feel free to do so! :)

Eliminating the Fear of Breast Cancer

This video has a lot of good information. Pretty much everything I have learned in the last four years, all in one video!