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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Advertising on your Blog...

I try to add original content here, and something that is useful. That being said, I do have a free blog, but not a free website. I also own another website,

Now, these sites aren't terribly expensive, but everything add's up, and not to mention the time that goes into it. I also really like all of my affiliate programs, and don't just want to "sell" anything. I am more like recommending them, and if you want to buy something, than that helps us both out! But, I think it looks really cluttered! I do have a products section on my website, but unless you live in Michigan, you really have no reason to check out my website (it's mainly a directory and social networking site for Michigan raw foodists) The majority of my readers aren't even in Michigan.

So, I guess the point of this blog is...which ones do you like, and which ones should I get rid of?

I'm going to keep my bidvertiser, adsense, and blogging community badges. But what affiliate's do you think are unnecessary? Or do you not mind them?

I'm just curious what people think, although I've been known to do what I want anyways! lol

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