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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Blog Explosion!

I've been exploring a lot of the different blogger communities and blog directories lately, and one has really stood out. I REALLY like blog explosion! It's so much fun! It kind of reminds me of those paid to click advertising programs where you get paid around .01 to click on ad's for 30 seconds. Only with Blog Explosion you get "paid" in readers to your blog, and you get to read other people's blogs. If the blog isn't interesting you only have to wait 30 seconds, and then there is a new one to replace it! It's hours of time wasting fun :)


runninggal said...

Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog!!

How did you find me?

Rayvin Nyte said...

WOW nice blog you have. It inspires me to want to go work on mine some more. I love using 3 columns. Make it see more balanced somehow.


Alison said...

Thanks Rayvin! I just spent HOURS on my blog, it took forever but I had the extra time finally so it was worth it :) I am in love with how it looks now! lol So, I'm glad someone else likes it too!

And runninggal....not sure! Probably blog catalog or mybloglog or blog explosion! Those let you blog hop to a bunch of different blogs! I was blog reading happy this weekend, and just stumbled upon yours and liked it! :)

LutheranChik said...

Nice blog...thank you for supporting my blog. It's nice to meet so many Michigan foodies.

Sharon said...

And, that's how I found your great blog. "Blog Explosion" is a great way to market your work and to find interesting new sites. My numbers are going up and that makes me feel a lot better about all the time I have put in.

Alison said...

Yeah,I definitely know what you mean! I didn't realize how much work went into a blog until I recently decided to do more to mine! It's fun work though, and it's nice to get readers :)