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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Michael's Ultimate Detox and Cleanse Review

I just couldn't do the MMS Miracle detox. I can't find any information on long-term effects of it. It seems safe NOW, but what will happen to me ten years down the line with it? I rather do something that doesn't feel like I'm putting toxic chemicals in my body to purge out any other toxins I have. I don't know, something about it just doesn't feel right lol. Maybe it's the skeptic in me when I hear the word "miracle." I decided on something a little more natural, Michael's Ultimate Detox which you can find here:

I'm on day three and haven't noticed any difference really, although I did have a little bit of a headache the first day. I am taking so many good things already and eating pretty healthy lately, so it's hard to tell if the detox is working. That's ok though, I still like it better than the drastic results promised by MMS Miracle. I may still try the MMS miracle if I can get more information on the long-term effects though. We'll see!

I also have been finding something that I can stick with for raw food. Lately I've been juicing and blending two meals a day, and the last one is a regular meal, although organic and healthy- just not raw. Two raw food meals a day, and one regular. I can do that! I've already lost 4 lbs doing this in only a few days (when I was working out it took me a week to lose just one pound) I think most of it is just water weight loss, but it's still a nice perk!


Anonymous said...

Any updates? I'm on day 2 and feel nothing unusual. This is my first cleanse or detox product of any kind so I don't really know what to expect. Thanks!

Rich in SoCal

Alison said...

You know, I didn't really do it long enough because I can't swallow such huge pills! It made it tough for me to follow through on it. It just made me go to the bathroom a lot (not to be gross) that was all I noticed. I think everyone is different...even if u don't "feel" a lot different, I'm sure it would be doing something for u though!

partaiigirl said...

heyy michigan raw food,
listen I always hear about "juicing" and ive been dying to try it but Im not sure how to go about it.. do you have any recipes or steps I can follow? or a link to a helpful website? Id REALLY appreciate it, asap!
thank youu,