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Sunday, January 4, 2009


I hope everyone had a great holiday! Mine was a bit stressful, but there were moments of fun in there also! My Great Uncle is not doing so well, and refused any medical help at the Hospice, so we are just waiting right now for him to pass. It's sad, and has made me kinda want to eat unhealthy and be cranky, but I know it's for the best. His quality of life is not so good right now, and I do want him to be happy! My Dad is doing really good, and I credit his beating the infection so quickly with all of the healthy food my mom and I have made him try! ;)

Anyways, I was watching tv and the show mentioned Leptin. Leptin helps you control and suppress your appetite. The funny thing is that the food that helps you with your leptin levels (and more is not better actually) by helping you process it better are fish, pulses (beans) and vegetables.

I just found it really interesting that by eating healthier foods, you will actually control your appetite.

I think the science behind this really confirms what I already have been saying-when I eat healthy, I am less hungry. When I eat less healthy, processed foods I am constantly hungry!

I always thought it was because I wasn't getting enough nutrients, but it's fun when science backs up what you already know. I guess the skeptic in my nature likes to have something to back things up!

Just thought I'd share!

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