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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 3 Raw-down THREE lbs!

That's right, you heard it! I woke up this morning and I weighed three lbs. less than when I started on day 1! Wow. I know it's probably just water weight, as it's not safe to lose more than l-2 lbs. a week (and thankfully so, or I'd weigh nothing in a short amount of time!) but it's still fun to see the weight going down each day-although I think a lot of the reasons I'm holding on to my excess weight is I actually secretly enjoy being out of my healthy weight range! Why? Because I like having boobs. There,I said it! I am naturally very skinny, and flat so when I gained weight I was really curvy for the first time in my life. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that curves are bad at all. But it's not my natural body weight, nor is it my HEALTHY body weight. My small boned frame really can't hold this excess weight, even though it doesn't look bad :( Sadly, I was not blessed to be curvy at a natural weight lol. But, it might be nice to go back to having brown hair and being flat again and having men talk to me like I'm not some stupid airhead! Ok,so they did that before sometimes, but with the blond hair and bigger boobs it seems they have more evidence for why they should act that way haha.I also woke up needing to blow my nose a lot, and to my dismay, my skin was broken out. I know that it will actually get better soon though, so I'll deal with it looking gross for a few days lol. I kept thinking all day, oh I should blog about this! I had to write notes! lol I guess when you actually try to eat raw foods, you have more to write about on your raw food blog ;) Funny how that works :P I did yoga, and rebounded. During the yoga my mind was all over the place, I couldn't concentrate at all! During one of the sets I had my arms up so long I thought I was going to cry too lol. It hurt so bad! But then I realized when I relaxed and stopped focusing on the pain, it was easier to hold my arms up ;) Isn't that true about life? When you just relax, and stop focusing on what is wrong, things get easier. So hard to do sometimes, yet so simple. I love yoga ;) I'm trying to get rid of my cable, but for some reason it's still working! They even came to the house to disconnect it...hope Comcast isn't reading this lol. But, seriously, I do find TV to be a huge waste of my time, and I'm looking forward to being without it. Think of all the other things I could do with my time? While I'm working or blogging I could be listening to music, or listening to something educational instead of watching another rerun of King of Queens! Another fun thing I did today, was I broke down and I tried the MMS miracle. I did some more research on it, and I think its been around long enough that it's safe. Not to mention I'm taking such a small dose, I fail to see how it's chemical make up can be any more harmful than any of the chemicals in regular processed food. I don't think it's a harmful substance though. We'll see I guess! While I was waiting for the chemicals to mix (felt like I was in science lab!) my mom said she smelled something burning. Well, like the genius that I am sometimes, I decided to smell the MMS to see if that was what it was! lol And this was after I said I think its safe, only one person died from it but that was guessed it, inhaling it! And what do I do? I inhaled it! lol But luckily I didn't smell it that much, and caught myself and I don't think there was enough to damage me (only one tiny drop!) although some might debate if I'm damaged or not :) The MMS made me slightly dizzy right after I took it, but other than that I didn't notice anything. Guess we'll find out! I had a smoothie, and made a soup today out of celery, avocado, water, cucumber, and garlic. It was actually easier than I thought to eat raw today! It was funny because I told someone about my soup, all proud of myself for making an EASY raw food recipe and he said, wow that's sounds really complicated! lol I also had some raw coconut,raisin, date balls I got from Zerbos and some cashews. Oh, and I snuck a couple of deviled eggs my mom made for some company they had over, but it was only a little bit, so I don't think that's that bad. I'm not 100% raw or anything, I don't like labels like that, and eggs are a really good source of protein I think. I'm pretty sure they were organic also. I don't know if I blogged that I've been drinking raw milk, but I have been lately. I hate how the FDA only lets you sell it for animal consumption. If I want to risk getting sick I should be allowed to. It's like the seat belt laws. If I don't buckle a child up,I understand getting ticketed. But if I want to injure myself in an accident, that's my choice! Of course, we all know the FDA's rules on raw milk aren't to protect us though, but to protect them and make more money. So far, I have not gotten sick from raw milk. However, regular milk always makes me feel awful. Another thing I keep seeing people call raw foodists "extreme." I read posts talking about Steve Pavlina, and how their first clue he was losing it was when he did raw foods. Than I see on the news today a health practitioner calling raw foods "extreme." What is the big deal? If someone wants to eat raw foods, why do you care? I mean, yeah, it is extreme in the fact that it's tough because not a lot of other people do it. But isn't it extreme to eat processed food with chemicals, and genetically altered organisms too? Isn't it kind of extreme to eat the milk of a cow when you are a fully grown HUMAN? Or to eat sugar that isn't even in it's original form anymore? Or corn syrup? That's kinda weird too. Way more weird than raw foods! How strange-eating food in it's natural, God-given state and not screwing around with it! Ridiculous! We are humans, we need to mess it up and cook it and add butter and sugar! lol Regardless of whether you think it's strange or not, who cares? We aren't in junior high anymore people (well, most of us!) so why do we care if someone thinks like us or not? Get over yourself, really! The world would be so boring if we did everything alike, or if there weren't people brave enough to try new things. I do think society needs both-the ones who follow, and the ones who shake things up. There is nothing wrong if you are one of the followers, it would be anarchy if everyone was ground breaking like Steve Pavlina or raw foodists. But, we need both people. If you don't agree with it, just respect it. That's not so hard, is it?! On a happier note, I found myself really giggly today again lol. Ok, so I say LOL a lot anyways, but raw food is not helping. And I'm getting really good at manifesting stuff! I can't go into detail about that, but let's just say it's a very good thing ;) I'm also happy to note that I got an email today from the ACLU about some good changes that Obama enacted on day one. I don't get while they are so thrilled he is acting so quickly, as it's kind of standard protocol for a new president to come in and make changes right away, but nonetheless it's a good start! I'm still skeptical, but I'm thankful for all the people putting out the positive, hopeful vibes. Again, we need both types of people. Skeptics to weed out the fake things, and positive, trusting people so we aren't well, a bunch of skeptics ('cuz thats really not a lot of fun!) You can thank Obama at

I really do believe it's up to the people, not the president, or elected officials, to ultimately make the rules in this country. So, yeah, I think if enough of us send letters like that, they DO pay attention. And if they don't, than it's time to turn over the whole system. We, as Americans, need to be more involved and let our voice be heard. While the President does have more authority than us, he really is truly only a spokesperson for what the people want.

Phew, ok, I'm done blogging! lol

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