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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Extra money

I know it probably seems pointless, but when I'm working online I like to do sites like mylot and neobux. It's just fun, easy extra money. If you want to sign up, these are my referral links and a short description:

1. Neobux

So easy. All you do is click on links for a few seconds. Can't go wrong with that!

2. Weegy

You get paid .20 to answer questions! It's really slow, but it's good to have up while you are doing other stuff online. Leave your volume up because it will "ding" when you get a new question to answer.

3. MyLot
This is easy and fun. You just answer discussions, or you can start your own! Sometimes I even learn something new!

So, happy time wasting and making some extra money :)

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