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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 2 Raw and down .06 lbs!

What an exciting day for America, with the inauguration! I wish I could share in the excitement and believe in Obama, but the skeptic in me keeps saying I'll be believe it when I see it! I feel like a jilted lover when it comes to politics right now. If they want my trust, they'll need to earn it. BIG TIME.

Moving two of my raw food trial went pretty good! I did not cheat at all. I did, however, sleep in. Well,no, I woke up early but laid in bed for two hours half awake,and half asleep. Does that count? lol I love that half asleep phase. I can lucid dream sometimes in that state. Which is, AMAZING. Way better than reality!

I weight .06 of a lb less already, and by the end of the day I was down 2 lbs! I love raw food, I lose weight so quickly on it!

My mom even said I looked skinnier today!

It helps that I worked out for 30 minutes on my rebounder and did yoga.

I got rid of my gym membership so I can just do yoga and the rebounder.

It's not that I have anything wrong with weights and the gym but I am more drawn to yoga right now. I feel like yoga not only works on my body, but my mind and spirit also. It's like three in one! ;)

Already I've noticed a change in my mood. I even started laughing more. It's amazing how quickly my body adapts to raw foods. Hopefully this time it will stick! ;)

I really love how I feel on it.

I discovered some cool new raw food products at Zerbo's, and spent way more money than I should. I will report on the other products I got besides gnosis chocolate, when I try them.

I ate the entire gnosis chocolate bar, so I didn't try the other ones yet lol.

I had a smoothie, and a raw food sandwich from zerbos. And lots of water! I do feel a bit hungry, but I'm just adjusting. I remember on raw foods I actually end up eating less food.

I'm only letting u know what I ate because I always wonder what raw foodist eat every day. The give it to me raw blog has a great blog series where they tell you what raw foodist eat. You can check out their blog in my blog roll on here.

I'm hoping that you guys will be here with me during my beginning and see me turn in to a real raw foodist :)

So, let's hope it sticks this time and I stay with it :)

Day two of my life to go lol

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