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Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 1 done...phew...

I had all kinds of things I wanted to write about and now I can't remember any of it! Oh, well I guess! I made it through day one of going back to raw foods! I did pretty good too! I snuck a piece of chicken but that was because I didn't really plan this out too well. I forgot I couldn't go to the bank to cash my check, so I didn't have much food to eat. So, I don't really consider that cheating...I had to eat today! I made a smoothie this morning, and had a really good salad. I also had some cashews (I couldn't wait to soak them! again, poor planning!) and I was craving something sweet and after one bite of a date the craving was gone! It was almost too sweet! I also woke up an hour earlier, worked out and did yoga :) SO, today was pretty good. I feel good also, but getting tired at 11:50pm! I guess that's good because I want to wake up even earlier tomorrow. I tried to write a list of comfort foods and find raw food counterparts....but I got a little frustrated. All of the recipes had SO many ingredients and looked kinda complicated. It just seems like too much work. If I have to make my food, I don't want to have to go to the grocery store every time for some elusive ingredient I don't have! I guess eventually I'll get the hang of this, and will just know how much to buy in advance? Right? RIGHT? Ugh. I hope so!

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