Friday, January 23, 2009

Jason Mraz-Raw Foodist!

I just discovered Jason Mraz's blog ( and I just have to say he seems to think just like me! (sorry Jason, haha) I know people probably say this about celebrities- oh, he is the perfect guy for me, or they get all star struck and think everything they write is perfect because they are famous! I'm not saying that AT ALL because I don't really know him just from reading a few blogs. I don't get star struck-I just admire talent when I see it(sadly, my musical ability is not JUST like his lol I wish it was that good!)-but I know they are still humans! lol I just really agreed with everything he said. He even said in one post that he is just you in another situation. Hmm. Get out of my head, Jason Mraz! He is also a raw foodist! Bonus! It's kinda funny how when a celebrity goes raw, it's ok, but when regular people do it it's "extreme." I'm sure there are some people who think he is crazy for it, but fan's always think the person they are obsessed with can do no wrong. I'm not saying you should think raw food is extreme, but if you did, don't go changing your mind just because a celebrity does it. In other words, I know he is very talented with music-but don't just blindly follow him. Think for yourself, people!! lol But, on the same side, if his celebrity will help get the word out about raw foods, than that really is great, so I am not upset! I just don't like when people blindly follow someone! I think his song, "I'm Yours," should be the raw food theme song! When you are eating raw foods you seriously just want to the hug the world! It's actually pretty obnoxious if you aren't feeling good lol

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