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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Emotional Eating

Ok, so I have not been eating healthy for awhile. That is the bad news. The good news is I think I at least know my triggers now. Ever since I ate raw I realized I AM an emotional eater. You don't think you are until you take away your comfort foods. That is one of the reasons I think many people fail at raw foods. It takes away foods you are familiar with. For instance, I got into an argument with someone recently who refused to admit that Milk could have any negatives to it. I think he was just so attached to milk, that he couldn't comprehend it could be bad. How could something that was such an important part of his diet be BAD?

My point is, even if you don't think you are an emotional eater, you may be surprised how much you are one if you tried eating raw foods.

So I knew I was one, but didn't know how to fix it until I started realizing WHAT caused me to emotional eat. That may seem simple, but it's such an automatic thing, it can take awhile to figure out what your triggers are. I'm going to treat this like Migraines. My triggers for those were I had to have all three scenarios: tired, hungry, and stressed. If all three were there, watch out! I would have a killer migraine that made me nauseous and throw up. If only one of those things were fixed (i.e. I could take a nap, or eat some food) than the Migraine would go away.

So, if I can avoid, or learn to fix my emotional triggers for going back to bad foods, than maybe I can stop this yo-yo eating habit mess (eating healthy, than binging on junk) that I have been doing.

I'm not going to share with you what they are because I don't want people knowing that personal of info. about me, but I just wanted to share this break through.

Some of the things I'm going to try are using emotional freedom techniques ( is great) and yoga. (google Yogi Jim)

I have to be more disciplined with doing these things, and I think the reason I haven't is I didn't know what my triggers were. I thought just having a bad day was a reason, but it's so much more than that. There are very specific things that cause me to overeat.

I suggest if you are struggling with this also, that you really pay attention to any patterns you see.

Sorry if this was a bit jumbled but I'm doing about five things as I type this :)

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Emotional Freedom said...

I want to get out of my emotional circle.