Friday, December 26, 2008

Upcoming Michigan Raw Food Classes

Raw Food classes at Detroit Evolution sounds like a great way to start the new year off right!

You can find more info. at the website:

But here are the basics and schedule:

Vegan and Raw Food Classes with Angela Kasmala
Angela's classes are about much more than just food preparation - learn how to reduce waste through composting and recycling, explore sustainability, meet like minded people, and share great food, information and resources. We will prepare a four-course meal from start to finish, and then sit down together to enjoy the fruits and veggies of our labor! We offer our students a unique experience and an opportunity not only learn, but also to connect with others and realize the importance of food in our lives and the world. The food you choose to eat can change the world! Space in these intimate classes is limited and full payment is required to register. Please call 313.316.1411 or email to arrange payment.

Angela Kasmala Vegan and Raw Food Chef

Detroit Evolution Laboratory's
January Class Schedule

Fundamentals of a Raw Vegan Diet - Sat, Jan 3rd, 4 - 7 pm - $45

Body Awareness and the Vegan Diet - Friday, Jan 9th, 7 - 9 pm - $30

Raw Express - The Importance of Greens - Wed, Jan 14th, 7 - 9 pm - $30

Winter Restoration - Sat, Jan 17th, 4 - 7 pm - $45

The Basics of a Healthy and Humane Vegan Diet Sat, Jan 24th, 4 - 7 pm - $45

Raw Express - Sprouting and Fermentation Wed, Jan 28th, 7 - 9 pm - $30

Register soon as these classes sell out quickly!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Michael's Ultimate Detox and Cleanse Review

I just couldn't do the MMS Miracle detox. I can't find any information on long-term effects of it. It seems safe NOW, but what will happen to me ten years down the line with it? I rather do something that doesn't feel like I'm putting toxic chemicals in my body to purge out any other toxins I have. I don't know, something about it just doesn't feel right lol. Maybe it's the skeptic in me when I hear the word "miracle." I decided on something a little more natural, Michael's Ultimate Detox which you can find here:

I'm on day three and haven't noticed any difference really, although I did have a little bit of a headache the first day. I am taking so many good things already and eating pretty healthy lately, so it's hard to tell if the detox is working. That's ok though, I still like it better than the drastic results promised by MMS Miracle. I may still try the MMS miracle if I can get more information on the long-term effects though. We'll see!

I also have been finding something that I can stick with for raw food. Lately I've been juicing and blending two meals a day, and the last one is a regular meal, although organic and healthy- just not raw. Two raw food meals a day, and one regular. I can do that! I've already lost 4 lbs doing this in only a few days (when I was working out it took me a week to lose just one pound) I think most of it is just water weight loss, but it's still a nice perk!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Easy Raw Food Soup Recipe

Here's a soup I made for my (non-raw foodist) parents, and they liked it! The thing I love about it is it's so simple and easy!

In a blender, mix up cucumbers, tomatoes, and avocado (for the soup base-add more or less depending on how creamy you want the soup) with water. I added dill and mint for flavor, and sea salt. You can heat it up a little bit too if you want, and/or use it as a dip for celery or cucumbers.

I also mixed in Cordyceps, and Blue Green Algae. You can mix whatever superfoods or supplements you want. They weren't enough to taste, but it was a quick way to get them into my diet.

I'm sorry I don't have exact amounts, I never measure when I cook. I just put in what I think will work and somehow it works out lol

Last minute Christmas Ideas

If you are like me, you have been too busy to go shopping, and now it's kind of too late to order things online. That's why I really like ebooks! My favorite affiliate is raw food world. The ebook I recommend is Raw Emotions. I never thought I was an emotional eater until I tried raw foods and all my favorite comfort foods were gone. It's amazing the emotions you go through. Raw emotions will help you with this, and best of all, it's an ebook so you don't have to wait for anything to be shipped!You can get it here:
e-book - <b>Raw Emotions</b>, by Angela Stokes

Or keep reading for more info. on the book:
Are you a 'comfort eater'? Do you feel at ease with your body and your relationship with food, or are there things you'd REALLY LIKE TO CHANGE?
Do you LONG to feel balanced, healthy, happy and peaceful?
Perhaps you've been eating raw already for a while and find you're still struggling with cravings...?

Have you tried 'Diet after Diet' - sometimes lost weight, then put it back on, and want to release that weight for good?
Why don't those diets work? Most 'weight loss' programmes just focus on the 'weight'.

RAW EMOTIONS looks at what can bring the weight on - and it's not just food ;)
Raw Emotions goes beyond the physical, to examine the emotional and spiritual factors that contribute to our eating patterns...and gives you PRACTICAL, solid insights into how to create LASTING CHANGE :)
Whatever your current relationship with food looks like, RAW EMOTIONS, has something to offer you.

You'll learn ways to:

# understand YOUR emotional connections with food
# release patterns that no longer serve you
# examine your history with eating AND create your optimal vision for yourself
# re-connect authentically with your emotions
# address cravings and let go of overeating
# choose inspiring activities and resources to keep on track
# find balance in your food choices and lifestyle
# feel more connected, loving and joyful

Combining proven 'self-help' techniques with a raw lifestyle, 'Raw Emotions' contains 60 specific tools and action tips for engaging YOUR transformation.
This truly unique book, based on personal experience and extensive research, is a 'first' in the raw foods movement: an invaluable guide on how to 'dance' with and heal emotions that 'come up' when we change how we eat for our health.

ANGELA STOKES, author of RAW EMOTIONS is renowned for her remarkable PHYSICAL transformation - a 160lb weight loss with a raw food lifestyle.
This book is inspired by something people have found even MORE REMARKABLE than her physical changes: the emotional and spiritual shifts in Angela's life.
In this new book, Angela shares the major tips and tools that helped her experience this dramatic shift from a lonely, moody, angry and defensive overeater to a life of genuine JOY, VIBRANCY, LOVE and BALANCE.

Click on the picture to get the book:

e-book - <b>Raw Emotions</b>, by Angela Stokes

Love Force Bars

Iposted about these before, but just found them on the raw food world's website. These are great snacks. Just be careful not to eat too many of them, as they are high in fat (although it is the good kind at least!)

Life Force - Chocolate Vanilla Bar, 3 oz

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Donating food during the Holidays

I just read an article on yahoo news that the jails in Michigan are going to be laying off guards, which means inmates will be released. This caused inmates to be concerned because they would rather be in jail, where they have a place to stay and food! Think about that! I can't imagine being in that situation, but I do know what it feels like to wonder how you are going to be able to get your next meal. Not fun. If you want to donate your time or money this year, there are a lot of great groups I have had the pleasure of working with when I did video production for a local government. There are a ton of resources also on ways to get involved this Christmas when you are making wonderful recipes and watching it's a Wonderful Life. Take some time out to help someone else! Here are just a few of the great websites and organizations for helping the homeless and people who need food assistance:

UPR Detroit:
Capuchin Soup Kitchen:
Meals on Wheels:

Thursday, December 18, 2008

50 Foods That Will Help You Feel and Look More Beautiful

I had this article in my email inbox just now, and was asked to share it. I love all of the tips, so I'm reposting it for you. If you want to read the article in it's original format, please visit the website:

50 Foods That Will Help You Feel and Look More Beautiful

By Alisa Miller

There is no denying that good nutrition is important to your health. Eating the right foods can not only help you feel better, but they can also help you look better too. Whether you want great overall health, healthy looking skin, or foods that really pack a punch with antioxidants, below you will find 50 great foods to help you look and feel your best.

For Your Overall Health

Eating foods that are good for your body will give you strength and energy so you feel and look better. The following foods are so packed with vitamins and minerals, you won’t want to say no to a serving of them.

1. Salmon. One of the best foods for your health, salmon is good for your body and your brain. This super food is high in omega-3 EFAs and protein, low in cholesterol and contains quite a few B vitamins, calcium, zinc, iron and magnesium.
2. Mangos. Mangos are high in vitamin A and C, can help improve digestion, and eating them can help clear clogged skin pores.
3. Figs. For a huge calcium boost as well as a healthy way to sweeten food, try figs. Figs are also high in fiber, B vitamins, iron, and potassium.
4. Water. Water is one of the single-most important things to put in your body. Drinking water purifies your system and keeps you hydrated. Hydration is also important to keep your skin supple and healthy.
5. Kiwi. These tasty little fruits pack a punch with more vitamin C than an orange and are powerful protectors of DNA from oxygen, which means kiwis provide healing properties for your body.
6. Flax seed. Especially for women, this little seed is a great supplement. Flax seeds are high in omega-3 EFAs and lignans, an important type of fiber for women.
7. Kale. This much-overlooked green is full of the B vitamin, folate, as well as calcium, and vitamins A and C.
8. Pumpkin. Not just for pies, the beta-carotene in pumpkin helps your body repair its skin.
9. Butternut squash. Cook this baked, stuffed, or mashed or throw in a soup for a delicious vegetable high in beta-carotene. Butternut squash is an excellent food for preventing everything from cardiovascular disease to possibly inhibiting cancer growth.
10. Sweet potatoes. Don’t just eat these wonderful root vegetables at Thanksgiving. Sweet potatoes are full of vitamins A and C as well as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and iron. Substitute sweet potatoes for regular potatoes and you will get half the sugar and twice the vitamins and minerals.
11. Spinach. This vegetable is absolutely loaded with vitamins and minerals with especially high concentrations of vitamins K and A and manganese and folate. It also helps prevent against osteoporosis, heart disease, colon cancer, ovarian cancer, and arthritis.
12. Broccoli. Your mama always said to eat your broccoli. It’s high in calcium, potassium, and B vitamins and may even help repair sun-damaged skin.

Eat These for Skin Health

Some foods help create beautiful and healthy skin when you incorporate them into your diet. Read this list of foods to find out what you can add to your menu.

13. Avocados. Avocados are not only delicious, they have lots of B-complex vitamins and are an anti-inflammatory, which is great for the skin.
14. Green tea. Green tea has polyphenols which are an anti-inflammatory and are full of antioxidants, which are good for both beauty and health.
15. Carrots. Carrots are famous for their vitamin A, which not only keeps your eyes healthy, but also helps your skin repair itself. This vegetable is also a great source of vitamins K, C and fiber.
16. Garlic. Besides being an antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal agent, garlic is also good for circulation and helps restore tissue and fight off wrinkles.
17. Cantaloupe. This great fruit has plenty of vitamins A and C–two vitamins your skin needs to keep healthy.
18. Citrus fruit. Oranges and grapefruit are full of vitamin C, which helps keep wrinkles at bay.
19. Sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds have lots of vitamin E, which is well-known for its healthy skin properties. Whether you eat it or put it on your skin, the health benefits of vitamin E are enormous.
20. Bananas. Bananas have the B vitamin biotin, which builds healthy skin, hair and nails and helps prevent skin irritations such as dermatitis.
21. Tomatoes. Like bananas, tomatoes have biotin for healthy skin and also contains lycopene, which helps prevent cancer.
22. Walnuts. These nuts are packed with omega-3 and omega-6 EFAs which promote skin repair and elasticity.
23. Hazelnuts. Another great source of vitamin E are hazelnuts, which may also offer protection against cancer and heart disease.
24. Brazil nuts. Brazil nuts are high in selenium, which can reduce the chance of sunburn on the skin, slow down the aging process, and aid in the treatment of skin cancer.
25. Olives. Olives provide both vitamin E and anti-inflammatory properties which help promote healthy skin. They are also very high in iron.
26. Cottage cheese. Eat cottage cheese to get lots of calcium and selenium for your skin. Use in place of ricotta in your recipes.

Put These on Your Skin

From cucumbers to yogurt, these foods work well on your skin to help you look healthy and beautiful.

27. Shea butter. Not usually a food found in the public eye, shea butter is often used as a cooking oil in Africa or as a substitute for cocoa butter in chocolate. It is also an ingredient often found in beauty products. Those who use shea butter on their skin swear by it’s amazing versatility and curative properties.
28. Cucumber. Cut a few thin rounds of cucumber and place or gently rub them under your eyes, then sit back and relax to help remove dark circles.
29. Green tea bags. Placing tea bags on your eyes can help eliminate dark circles and puffy eyes. Green tea, more so than other teas, can help with the puffiness as it contains an anti-inflammatory.
30. Coconut oil. Using this oil in its natural form moisturizes dry skin and helps healing. Coconut oil also benefits dry hair.
31. Mineral water. Splash some mineral water on your face. The mineral content in the water can reduce skin irritations and will help your skin absorb the moisture.
32. Avocado. These beauties work on the outside of your body as well as they do on the inside. Avocados work as an excellent moisturizer, help heal the skin, and can even reduce age spots.
33. Yogurt. Use yogurt (the full fat kind) on your skin to soothe a sunburn or mix with honey to create a great mask that works for all skin types.


Foods that are high in antioxidants help reverse the damaging effects of oxygen on the cells in your body. Not only are antioxidants great for your overall health, they are also a wonderful way to slow the effects of aging. All of these foods are great antioxidants to incorporate into your diet.

34. Kidney beans. These inexpensive beans provide plenty of protein, fiber, folate, magnesium, and iron. Try substituting kidney beans for meat in your next meal.
35. Blueberries. Full of vitamin C and potassium, these little berries are full of nutrition and are one of the foods most packed with antioxidants.
36. Artichokes. Get magnesium, folic acid, fiber, and vitamins A and C with artichokes, which can help prevent a host of medical problems.
37. Plums. Available almost year round, plums have plenty of vitamins A, B, C, fiber, and potassium.
38. Strawberries. For a fruit that can protect your heart, guard against cancer, provide anti-inflammatory properties, and help prevent age-related macular degeneration, strawberries are the way to go.
39. Honey. Chock full of antioxidants, this sweet treat also has antibacterial properties and also works well for sore throats and coughs.
40. Apples. Long associated with healthy nutrition, an apple a day can provide heart and brain health benefits.
41. Blackberries. These plump berries are full of vitamins B, C, and K as well as fiber and manganese.
42. Pecans. Full of vitamin E and great for lowering cholesterol, these nuts are great on their own or baked in cookies, brownies, or a pie.
43. Cherries. Rich red cherries are not only delicious, but are high in fiber and vitamins C and A. They are reported to help with arthritis, heart health, and sleep problems.

Super Foods

Some foods are so incredibly packed with important nutrients that they have become known as super foods. Eating these foods will surely help you feel much healthier.

44. Acai. Known as one of the most nutritious berries in the world, use acai juice in a smoothie, mixed with other juices, or drink it on its own.
45. Goji berries. One of these little Himalayan berries has more vitamin C than an orange and more beta carotene than carrots.
46. Cacao nibs. The heart of the cocoa bean, this little bit of raw chocolate is full of antioxidants as well as flavonoids that help your heart and have been reported to significantly elevate your mood.
47. Chili peppers. Packed with vitamin C, these hot little numbers also contain antioxidants and help burn fat.
48. Pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds are loaded with phytosterols, which help lower cholesterol, as well as omega-3 and omega-6 EFAs and minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and iron. They are also good for strong hair and nails.
49. Cinnamon. Containing polyphenols, the same agent in green tea, cinnamon has been shown to reduce blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes.
50. Shallots. Replace garlic and onion with shallots (or use along with them) to help promote the good bacteria in your digestive tract and help eliminate toxins from your liver.

Winner of Juicer Contest Review of the Lexen Juicer

Stacey, who won the juicer from my juicer contest (you can read about it here:
kindly wrote a review of the juicer for everyone:
Thanks again, Alison! When I came home from work yesterday, I was so happy to find my Lexen Wheatgrass Juicer waiting for me! Immediately, I put the juicer together, which was super easy-a nice change from other wheatgrass juicers and juicers in general, which can take forever to put together and take apart. I didn't have any wheatgrass, but much to my happiness, this juicer not only juices wheatgrass, but all sorts of leafy veggies! I got out my lacianto kale and sent it through....What I like most about this juicer is that it is not electronic, so there is no worry of overheating your juice. So, I turned the knob and out came delicious, deep green kale juice. The juice cup is large enough to hold 16 ounces of juice and even has a sieve to filter any excess pulp. Oh, and as someone who has A LOT of experience working in juice bars and using electronic wheatgrass juicers, I would usually have to send the pulp through the juicer multiple times just to get all the juice out, however, with this juicer, I didn't have to do that at all! All of the juice went in my cup on the first run-nice! Clean-up was a breeze, as well!

Needless to say, I am very happy with this juicer and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking to get a wheatgrass juicer! It was super easy to use, easy set-up and clean-up, very efficient, and makes happy, "heat-free" juice-what more could you ask for? Happy juicing...

*Stacey's blog can be found at:

Review of Raw Diva's 7 Day Detox

I finished reading all the emails for the 7 Day Detox with Raw Divas (LOVE them!) and wanted to post about it.Basically you get advice and support each day in your email about how to go about the detox. Not sure if anyone tried it, but I definitely recommend you do! I did a 14 day juice fast this summer and it was amazing. I lost so much weight and felt sooo good. This was a shorter detox, but still a great way to beat the winter blahs. I didn't do it yet because when you sign up, you actually have five days to prepare for the start of the detox and that wouldn't have worked with my work schedule. (I can't detox when I have to work, I get too lethargic, even with more greens in my diet.) I wish I would have done it anyways though, because I ended up getting a really bad cold. From what I read in the emails, it's a great program. They offer a lot of support and a lot of good information. I definitely still want to do this, and I will post again my results. (I will post about the MMS detox also!) Sign up for the Detox here, and look and feel great for Christmas this year (or New Years Eve):

The Raw Divas 7 Day Detox

A typical Morning Smoothie!

I actually use all of these ingredients in my smoothies! What is in the picture? Well, we have celery,strawberries,blueberries,kiwi,bee pollen,manuka honey, coconut,maca,cordyceps,blue green algae, minerals,island fire,enzymes and probiotics,stevia, hemp milk,mixed greens, and I take D3,vitamin b, and MSM tablets! I think that's everything! The final product looked kinda gross, but it didn't taste bad! This doesn't include the Marine Phytoplankton, Gold Rush, and Immune Detox I take in the morning on an empty stomach! lol (you have to wait 30 minutes with those before you can eat anything else)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Report Annoying Calls

I can't stand when I get a phone call and the person won't leave a voicemail. I've been getting a lot of those lately, and I'm thinking it has to do with Christmas coming up. All the telemarketers are trying to get last minute Christmas sales. I actually don't mind a telemarketer call if I signed up for something I was interested in and I did genuinely want information on. It's just, if you are going to call, let me know who you are and what you are calling about! Usually I will do a google search on the number, but that doesn't always work. A lot of times you will find a website where people leave reviews of the phone call. This has helped me learn about scams and whether or not a number was worth calling back or not. I recommend if you get an unfamiliar number on your phone to look it up online first before calling! There is a new website that does just this:
Report Annoying Callers

*This post sponsored by Report Annoying Callers

MMS Miracle

Has anyone heard about the MMS Miracle? I really wanted to do this Detox today but they were out of it at Zerbo's, and there doesn't seem to be any next day shipping options. It seems with a snow storm coming, this would have been the perfect time to do a detox! Oh, well I guess. Here is the website:

Crazy Week

I think the title says it all! One thing about life that I will never get used to is how quickly it can change! One minute things are fine, and than the next they fall apart! You just never know when something will happen. You can control your attitude, and be positive, but you can't control what happens to your loved ones! I've been very blessed to have a great family, and one that understands the power of a good attitude. As a child when I was upset, my parents said, "You can choose to either focus on the negative, or the positive." I'm sure I've mentioned this before in a blog, but it's such simple and good advice that I think it needs repeating! I'm trying very hard to take and use that advice right now! I had just been getting over a bad cold (one that was my own fault for neglecting to eat healthy after Thanksgiving) and no sooner than I emailed my managers that I would be in the next day for a meeting, my mom asked me to go to the hospital with her because my Dad had a fever. This was at 9pm, and I had to be up at 7am the next day for a very busy day. We were at the hospital until almost 2am, and I was unable to fall asleep when I got home. My Great Uncle is like the Grandpa I never had. Both of my Grandpa's died before I was born, so he has always played that role in my life. One of my favorite memories of him was every time he would visit he would give us a $10 bill. Now I don't love him because he would give us money, but it was just such a nice thing to do! What kid doesn't love $10? It felt like a $1,000. I think the best part of the money wasn't the amount though, it was that it was MINE. As a kid, having the money to use on anything you want, is a very nice feeling, especially when you had parents like mine who would say things like, if you don't listen we won't buy you (insert something a kid wants) lol. A probably unintended effect though that this money had on me was it made me value the power of having your own money. It's one thing to have everyone buy things for you, it's another to understand how much money it costs to buy things on your own. Before anyone thinks that I was spoiled, or that I think money should be handed to me, I had my first job at 12 years old. My family always had the money to get me anything I wanted, but I wanted to understand what it felt like to earn it. For it to be MY money, not someone else's. I guess I have always been a little odd ;) Anyways, it was tough seeing my Uncle in the hospital like that, but he is 90 and this has been going on for over a year. It doesn't make it any easier, but at least I know if he were to pass away he has lived a long, good life. He is also a fighter! They told him he had only a few weeks to live...and that was a year ago. When my Grandma passed away a few years ago, it was the same thing. It was expected. They actually told her she had five years to live, but she managed to hold on for many more years than that. When she passed away, and when my Uncle does, I will feel like they are in a better place. I don't enjoy watching them suffer, and wouldn't want them to prolong their suffering just because I don't want to let go! I would hope when it's my time to go, that people wouldn't be sad. I would want people to miss me, of course. We all want to feel like we have had some kind of impact on people, but I would want them to know that I am completely okay with passing on. In fact, in some ways when I see people I love suffering I wish I could take it on for them because I'm excited for death. I know, that sounds extremely morbid. It's not that I hate life and don't want to be here, I just think there is SO much I'm missing about life that we probably can't understand until we die. I look at death as the ultimate last adventure! Which brings me to my Dad. He has always been pretty healthy, so when he got sick this week it was a big surprise. His one major problem has been a hernia that keeps coming back. My Dad is too young to die from a HERNIA, of all things! I would not feel it was his time to go, and therefore it would make it much tougher if something happened to him now. He has had five surgeries, and this last one he has a very serious infection. I'm waiting for the results of what kind of infection it is as I am writing this. I think the worst part is the waiting. Waiting to get out of surgery. Waiting to see if the wound heals this time. Waiting to find out what caused the infection. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting!!! My Dad is such a great person too. I think my favorite memory of him is the time I called him on his birthday and he said,"Oh, it IS my birthday today! Thanks for reminding me!" Guess where he was? At the hospital visiting someone at his church! And no, my Dad does not have a bad memory! That is just how he is. I only hope that everyone is visiting him, and showing as much care as he does for everyone else, while he is at the hospital. Sometimes we clash because he just always wants to protect me and do everything for me, and I always want to do things on my own! I can thank him though for my independent spirit, although again, that was probably not his intention. It must be so frustrating to be a parent! You really have no control how your children choose to use your advice or help! The only solace I can give to parents is if you genuinely love your children, that it will work out in the end. One of my favorite bible verses is about how love covers a multitude of sins. And that is SO true. If you love someone, it doesn't matter if you screw up once in awhile, as long as your intentions are in the right place. Most people will not remember every thing you did, but they will remember if you truly cared about them. One of the things that this crazy week has reminded me of is just how important it is too keep your immune system healthy. This is why I sell and push superfoods on people. It has been a wake up call that I need to start eating healthy again, as I let it really go in the past few weeks, and I just don't think regular food has enough nutrients in it. That is why I supplement with superfoods. Even that I don't think is enough, but there is only so much you can do. My Dad eats kind of healthy thanks to my Mom, but he is like me and still eats stuff he knows he shouldn't, and his immune system is not as strong as it should be. I think it's because neither of us have been through something like cancer, like my Mom has. Maybe this situation this week will help him change his eating habits for good. I just hope I can get it together so that I don't need something like this to happen to me before I start taking care of myself on a regular basis, and not just every once in awhile!

Monday, December 15, 2008 and eye health!

I was talking to a friend recently who is an eye doctor and I couldn't remember the last time I had my eyes checked. I told him that it's ok because my contacts felt fine. You can imagine how shocked I was when he said I could be damaging my eyes and not even know it! I was afraid I was going blind so I set up an appointment right away, and sure enough, I had actually started doing some damage to my eyes! I really think because of all the healthy food and antioxidants I take, that my eyes were not worse! I also wore my eyeglasses a lot until I broke them recently, and I think that helped too. I'm going to start wearing my eyeglasses more now! I looked everywhere for affordable eyglasses, but the cheapest I found still ended up costing me around $250! I wish I had found eyeglasses before I bought mine! Optical4less have really cool features, like a virtual try-on system and free one-week shipping if you buy more than one pair (and this is worldwide shipping!) They have a good selection too, and they are ready in a week. It took me a week to get mine from Sam’s Club, and they were right down the street. So, eyeglasses ready in a week from another country are great! They have a big variety too; complete prescription eyeglasses, (include Anti-reflective coating for free) Tinted sunglasses, Bifocal reading glasses, Progressive reading eyeglasses andPhotochromic sunglasses. I’m all about just getting things online too, so I like that convenience. The only thing I wish was that the FAQ section was a bit clearer about the return policy. It only mentions if there is a problem with them, or the prescription seems wrong. I didn't see anything about if you just don't like how they look on you. I suppose you could email and ask about that though. I will definitely check them out next time I need glasses, and I’ll continue to eat healthy to protect my eyesight! And if you haven’t been to the eye doctor in awhile, get yourself to a doctor! Check out Optical4less yourself eyeglasses

Sunday, December 14, 2008

(NON) Dairy Comfort Food Recipes

When it's cold out I want comfort food, and to just nap. That's real healthy! (and I have the cold right now to prove it! blah) So, I've been looking for some easy (although you have to start preparing hours before) non-dairy alternatives, since me and dairy don't like each other too much! The recipes are all from:

I've never made alternative cheese or ice cream, but I've had it before and it's pretty good!

Almond Sunflower Seed "Cheese"

1 cup sunflower seeds, soaked 4-8 hours & drained
1/4 cup almond milk ( see recipe below or use store bought)
1-2 tablespoon apple cider vinegar with 1/4 teaspoon sea salt
2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 small clove garlic, peeled and minced
additional almond milk or water to blend as needed

Put sunflower seeds in large bowl. Cover with several inches of pure water. Let soak 4-8 hours. Pour water off. Cover again with cool tap water. Gently rub seeds between palms of hands to remove skins, which will float to surface. Pour most of the water and the floating skins off. Repeat process several times. Tip: Pour the skins and water through a strainer to catch the few seeds that escape.

When most of the skins are off, pour all the seeds through a strainer. Drain. Place seeds in blender
or food processor with almond milk or water, lemon juice, garlic, vinegar, and salt. Blend, adding more liquid if necessary. If using a food processor, stop machine as needed to scrape down the seed cheese, and continue.

Transfer to a serving or storing container. Cover any leftovers and refrigerate for 2-3 days.

Variations: Add green onions or extra garlic, or use different seeds, fresh herbs, or spices, etc...

Eat with crakers or salads. Use as replacement for recipes that call for sour cream, cheese, or yoghurt. Lasts 2-3 days , tightly covered in the refrigerator.

This and more delicious low calorie recipes can be found in the cookbook Almond Essence by Janet Doane.

) Conquering Lion Cashew Cheez

Serves 3-4

2 cups cashews
1 cup filtered water
1/3 cup red bell pepper, diced
2½ tablespoon green onion, diced
2 tablespoon cilantro, minced
1 teaspoon garlic, minced (optional)
1 teaspoon Nama shoyu, or to taste
¼ teaspoon seat salt, or to taste
pinch crushed red pepper flakes

Blend cashews with filtered water until very smooth. Place in a ½ gallon open-mouthed glass jar. Cover tightly with plastic wrap and secure with a rubber band. Cover with a towel and allow to sit in a warm place overnight. Pour cashew mixture into a large mixing bowl, combine with remaining ingredients and mix well.

Variations: Use macadamia nuts or pine nuts; or blend 1 cup of chopped red pepper with cultured cashew mixture, before adding the remaining ingredients; or replace cilantro with other fresh herbs; or add ¼ cup grated carrots or beets; or replace bell pepper with other fresh veggies.

Serve with crackers or salad.

This and more delicious low calorie recipes can be found in the cookbook, Vegan World Fusion Cuisine.

Dairy Free Chai Ice Cream

300ml nut milk
4 tablespoon coconut or sesame oil
1 cup almonds, soaked overnight and peeled
1 tablespoon honey or maple syrup

1 tablespoon pine or hemp nut
½ teaspoon fresh ginger juice or 1 teaspoon dried ginger pieces
½ teaspoon cinnamon, freshly ground if possible
1 clove, crushed
1 cardamom, crushed
nutmeg to taste (optional)

Place 200ml of nut milk in an ice cube tray and freeze for at least 4 hours. Remove and blend thoroughly with almonds, remaining nut milk, oil, and flavorings. Add small amount of water or extra milk if blender complains. Can be refrozen if too soft.

Options: Rosewater to taste. Add or exchange chai flavorings for your choice of nut, carob powder, pre-soaked dried fruit, sprouted seeds, vanilla essence, or coconut milk. Make up 25% of mixture witth nut milk and 1-2 tablespoon of a cold-pressed oil.

Ice Cream can also be made by blending frozen fruit. Always use banana as your creamy base. Blend with choice of berries. Use dried fruits, sprouted nuts and seeds such as poppy for your sprinkles.

This and more delicious low calorie recipes can be found in the cookbook Living Food Recipes for energy, beauty and longevity by Paul Betham.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

L.A. Police Gear review

I am going to tell you about a website that I have reviewed-L.A. Police Gear, which you can find here: SurefireWhile the company isn't really related to raw food, I think it's kind of an interesting site, and one that many people might like-especially if you are into hunting, and outdoor activities. People in Michigan are also big on hunting, so they may find the site useful.
Overall it seems like a really nicely designed sight, with a lot of variety and good prices. I like the many specials and discounts, and also that you can get a free hat if you order at least $125! The live help is also a nice feature, which not a lot of sites offer. When you are buying something as serious as police gear, it would be nice to probably get some help on what to pick out. It took me a little while to figure out where to go to buy the products though, so that could be maybe a little clearer.
I think if you are into the kind of things that the website sells, you would really enjoy it as they have a huge selection to pick from. I'm thinking of maybe getting a gas mask too, after all, you just never know when one would be necessary in this day and age! Part of the reason I eat healthy is I think eating healthy and building your immune system will help against any type of chemical warfare threat, but it can't hurt to have a gas mask also! This could also be a good site for a Christmas present for that police officer in your life! With the holiday coming up, it is always nice to get some ideas on where to go for a unique present, and this site would definitely qualify as a unique website for gifts! Again, if you would like to check out their website, it is at: Surefire

Advertising on your Blog...

I try to add original content here, and something that is useful. That being said, I do have a free blog, but not a free website. I also own another website,

Now, these sites aren't terribly expensive, but everything add's up, and not to mention the time that goes into it. I also really like all of my affiliate programs, and don't just want to "sell" anything. I am more like recommending them, and if you want to buy something, than that helps us both out! But, I think it looks really cluttered! I do have a products section on my website, but unless you live in Michigan, you really have no reason to check out my website (it's mainly a directory and social networking site for Michigan raw foodists) The majority of my readers aren't even in Michigan.

So, I guess the point of this blog is...which ones do you like, and which ones should I get rid of?

I'm going to keep my bidvertiser, adsense, and blogging community badges. But what affiliate's do you think are unnecessary? Or do you not mind them?

I'm just curious what people think, although I've been known to do what I want anyways! lol

Friday, December 12, 2008

My Latest Project!

Hello! I have been wanting to make a documentary for awhile about the impact the Auto Industry has on people living in Michigan because I hear so many people who act like they don't care. I settled on a blog since I'm a little busy :)

I just kind of want to show people the other side of the story. The hard-working "overpaid" people, how ingrained it is in the culture of this state. How hard those U.A.W. workers work.

Just want to show the "personal" side you don't get on the news. I'm not really blaming anyone. I feel the same way about the credit crisis. I'm angry at the credit card companies for screwing me over. But am I angry at the people who work on the phone? Who do their jobs every day? Do I want the whole industry to collapse on them? NO, of course not. But we don't hear that part.

Am I saying that I think the US Auto Industry is perfect? Definitely not.

What I am saying is if you don't think an entire state collapsing is a big deal...well, maybe you should move to another country?

I just want to get another side of information out there to people. The US Auto Industry needs to be helped...because it will impact EVERYONE in the US.

Please feel free to write your comments on what you think your solutions to the auto industry should be....and by solutions, I mean one's that would not cause millions of Americans to lose jobs! Check out my new blog, contribute if you have any stories, and pass it on to your friends :) Thanks everyone!

TJ's Vintage in Royal Oak

Hello! I met the Owner of TJ's Sweet Repeat's in Royal Oak, MI. They are having a Grand Opening party soon, and if you would like to go to that, please email me at and I can get you on the guest list.

If you are like me, you love cities like Royal Oak and Ann Arbor because of the unique and vintage clothes. TJ's is definitely going to be must go to place. Here is more information if you want to check it out! Tell TJ Michigan Raw Food sent you :)

1600-02 Rochester Rd., Royal Oak, MI, 48067
(646) 245-9010

New York Style Vintage and Collectables

New York Style Vintage and Collectables
Tags: antiques, vintage store
Venue Type: Business / Retail Store
Hours: Wed-Friday 12n-7p Sat 11a-8p Sun 12p-5p
Accessible to persons with disabilities.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The winner of the Juicer Giveaway.... Stacey Renee Groth!

Congratulations Stacey! Please send me an email at with your name and address where you want the juicer shipped.

You have 24 hours to respond, or else I will have to give the juicer away to the runner-up.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

One more day for the Juicer Giveaway!

Only one more day left to get in on the juicer giveaway! More info. can be seen in Novembers post at:

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Vitamin E and C in the news

I'm so sick of the media always changing their mind on things. One minute vitamin E and C are good for preventing cancer, the next it's not. I'm sure if you had followed the news you have read the latest brilliant headline that Vitamin E and C are not good for preventing cancer...

Ok, I worked in the news and tv for almost ten years. All I'm going to say on that is to take it with a grain of salt (sorry about the cliche, but it works here nicely so I'm sticking with it!)

I have to say I agree with the news reports though...VITAMINS manufactured in a plant that doesn't care about quality, or fillers....yeah, those are not going to do any good!!

The best way to get your vitamins is still from natural sources-organic if you can!

Get your vitamins from your food, not a pill! If you get it from a pill, make sure it's of only the highest quality (cold pressed, so it's not heated too much, and no fillers! Organic materials are best-no point in taking vitamins if they have chemicals also!)

I don't need a bunch of people sitting around researching whether fake vitamin pills will help me cure cancer.

I just KNOW that vitamins from QUALITY food will help me with cancer. It's just common sense.

You don't need to study that!

Just my opinion :)

Alternative to pop (or soda!)

I thought I finally kicked my pop (or soda, or coke or whatever you call it!) habit. I was free of it for over a month, and feeling great. Than the holidays...sigh.

My last post made me think about how I could make my own version of pop without all the sugar and additives. I did some research and I guess there is a new version of Pepsi that claims to be all natural ingredients, and I guess Redbull has a brand of natural cola also.

I doubt they would be at my standards though, as a raw foodist (ok, raw foodist wannabe! lol)what I consider "natural" is different I'm sure, than say, Pepsi or Redbull!

I'm not really picky about the pop tasting exactly like coke or pepsi, but if I was...I think that would be really hard to get it close!!

But anyways, if you weren't too set on getting the taste could probably make a really good drink with carbonated water for the fizz effect, maybe some vanilla and cinnamon,and other spices!

I want to play around with different spices when I get a chance. I'll let you guys know if any taste good!

Does anyone have any tips on what I should try??

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Raw Power Hot Chocolate

I know raw food is all about not heating your food up, so you may be wondering how I can have raw hot chocolate? Well, that is actually not true about raw food. Some food can still be heated, it is just that it can't go over a certain temperature. Being inMichigan, I still like to have some heated foods! I just don't microwave, cook, broil, etc. Whether raw food destroys enzymes or not, I'm not sure...but I mainly do it because of the maillard reaction. When food is heated too much, it causes a chemical reaction, and I think too much of that can change it's DNA structure..and well, that can't be good, right?!

I don't take any fancy thermometer or anything when I heat up soup or water-just as long as it's not boiling I think it's ok. I'm really not that picky, although I'm sure there are plenty of die-hard raw foodist who NEVER eat anything over a certain degree. If you have been following my blog, you know I'm not quite a raw foodist yet! lol I am just interested in it. Anyhows, now that I got that out of the is my raw hot chocolate recipe:

3 tablespoons of raw cacao powder (I like the kind from
because it's not as bitter tasting as other's I've tried)

1 Coffee mug of whatever kind of water you like

Add 4 drops of stevia or agave for sweetening (while maybe not raw by some definitions, I still consider it better than sugar and you only use a little bit!)

Pour the hot water in (hot, but not boiling!) and add in a spoonful of raw honey! (I like Manuka, especially this time of year because of it's antibacterial properties)

The honey should melt into the hot water instead of clumping to the spoon, but if it doesn't you can leave the spoon in your cup while you drink to keep the honey in your drink!

*I didn't have these ingredients, but if you did...I'm betting that a little bit of natural vanilla, peppermint and/or cinnamon would be a nice addition
You may want to play around with the amount of sweeteners you add, based on the kind of raw cacao you have. I have had some raw cacao that is just plain disgusting, and bitter and others that is almost tolerable with no sweetener. Plus, I have a real sweet tooth, which you may not!

Either way, it's a great mood booster and comfort drink this year-without the guilt of regular hot chocolate!

This drink is also my "secret" morning power drink instead of coffee! It has all of the feel good ingredients, plus nutrients and caffeine. I don't think coffee is bad for you, but I prefer this drink for so many reasons! Some of the benefits of raw cacao according to


Cacao contains massive quantities of magnesium which builds strong bones and balances brain chemistry important for a natural optimistic outlook.* Cacao contains more magnesium than any other food known! This is likely the reason that women crave chocolate more during their menstrual cycle. Of all mineral deficiencies that arise on Standard American Diet (SAD), magnesium is the the most common, with over 80% of Americans are chronically deficient in Magnesium!
MAO Inhibitors

Chocolate contains natural mild monoamine oxidase enzyme inhibitors (MAO inhibitors). These rare MAO inhibitors actually produce favorable results when consumed by allowing more serotonin and other neurotransmitters to circulate in the brain. According to Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MAO inhibitors facilitate youthing and rejuvenation.
Phenylethylamine (PEA)

Chocolate contains Phenylethylamine (PEA). PEA can increases focus and alertness and helps us feel connected to others.* Our brains naturally produce a small amount of PEA al the time and much greater amounts when we are in love. This is no doubt why chocolate and love have such a deep correlation. PEA also plays a role in increasing focus and alertness.
Anandamide (The Bliss Chemical)

Cacao also contains a wonderful natural phyto-chemical called anandamide. Ananda is the Sanskrit word for BLISS and its no coincidence that our brains naturally produce anandamide when we are feeling bliss! Cacao also contains enzyme inhibitors that increase the amount of time that anandamide anandamide can stay in circulation in your body. This allows the wonderful effects of chocolate to last a longer time.

The Cacao tree grows in tropical regions around the globe and has been cultivated in Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Central America, West Indies, Africa and South East Asia. Cacao has always been highly valued, its seeds sometimes serving as currency as they did during the Aztec period in Mexico.

According to

Some of the benefits of manuka honey:

Manuka Honey Products by HoneymarkHoney has been used for medical purposes by the ancient Egyptians for thousands of years. However, with the advent of antibiotics, most people began to regard honey as merely a home remedy. Recent studies are now indicating that a special type of honey only found in the New Zealand region called, "Manuka Honey" actually has more healing properties than antibiotics and has been effective in treating antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria. This is a major breakthrough in the medical industry as Manuka Honey is now being recognized by medical professionals as an viable alternative to conventional forms of medicine.

Based on recent studies, Manuka Honey has been known to effectively treat the following symptoms and health conditions:
Athlete's Foot Ring Worm Insect Bites Cold & Flu Symptoms
Arthritis Wrinkles Acid Reflux Eczema & Dermatitis
Sore Throat Rashes IBS Wounds & Abrasions
Acne Burns Nail Fungus Aches & Pains
Blisters Ulcers Gastritis Staph Infections
Cold Sores Infections MRSA Psoriasis

Manuka Honey Benefits

The Benefits of Manuka Honey

1. Manuka Honey has natural antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral, antioxidant, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties;

2. Manuka Honey creates a moist healing environment that allows new skin cells to grow across a healing wound flush with the surface of the wound, preventing deformity of the skin and scaring;

3. Manuka Honey rapidly clears infection by destroying bacteria;

4. Manuka Honey repairs damaged skin and regenerates new skin growth;

5. Manuka Honey hastens the healing process;

6. Manuka Honey eliminates malodor by destroying the bacteria that cause it;

7. Manuka Honey can heal Staph infections and destroy antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria such as MRSA and VRE;

8. The viscosity of Manuka Honey provides a protective barrier to prevent wounds from becoming infected;

9. Manuka Honey causes scabs and dead skin cells to lift off the surface of the wound, leaving a clean healthy wound bed in which the regeneration of skin tissue can occur;

10. Manuka Honey stimulates the growth of tissue involved in the healing process;

11. Manuka Honey stimulates the formation of new blood capillaries and the growth of fibroblasts that replace the connective tissue of the deeper layer of the skin and produce the collagen fibers that give strength to the repair;

12. Manuka Honey has an anti-inflammatory action that relieves pain;

13. Manuka Honey has antifungal properties that can cure ringworm and other fungal conditions such as athlete's foot, jock itch and nail fungus;

14. Manuka Honey is all-natural and organic;

15. Manuka Honey has no known side effects

And last, but not least...the benefits of Stevia according to
It is estimated that over 500 scientific studies have been performed on stevia. Many scientistshave reported numerous health benefits to adding stevia to the daily diet.

* Scientific research indicates that stevia effectively regulates blood sugar in people with diabetes and hypoglycemia, bringing it toward more normal levels.

* Studies have indicated that stevia tends to lower elevated blood pressure while not affecting people with normal blood pressure.

* Stevia inhibits the growth and reproduction of oral bacteria and other infectious organisms. Regular users of stevia as a mouthwash or for brushing teeth
(added to toothpaste) have reported an improvement to bleeding gum problems. This inhibition of oral bacteria may explain why users of stevia-enhanced products
report a lower incidence of colds and flu. Subsequently, an increasing number of toothpaste manufacturers are now using stevia in their products.

* When applied externally stevia poultices and extracts have been observed to have therapeutic effect on acne, seborrhea, dermatitis and eczema. Extracts placed
directly in cuts and wounds, have demonstrated rapidly healing without scarring.

* Other benefits of adding stevia to the daily diet include improved digestion and soothed upset stomachs.

* Stevia is also an exceptional aid in weight loss management because it contains no calories and reduces the craving for sweets and fatty foods. Steviosides,
the principle sugar molecule component of stevia, pass through the human alimentary canal without being altered by digestive processes, demonstrating remarkable stability. They simply cannot be broken down into their metabolites under normal gastric conditions. As a result, the sugar molecules pass unchanged through the human gastrointestinal tract and are not absorbed into the blood, producing no calories. Preliminary research indicates that stevia may actually reset the hunger mechanism in people where the pathway between the hypothalamus and the stomach has become obstructed. In other words, it clears the communication pathway between the stomach and the brain, reducing hunger sensations faster

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Starting a Online Business

Some of you may know I have a website: but I'm sure the majority of you don't! I wouldn't say it failed, but I didn't do things the correct way. I learned a lot from it, and thought I'd share. I think the raw food movement is so exciting because it opens up a new industry! There is SO much room for new raw food businesses, websites, products, and restaurants. Just go to the grocery store and look at the variety of products that are NON-raw! Look at the restaurants that are NON-raw!One of the things that makes this country great (United States) is all of the variety and options of choices we have to buy things. So, there is no room for jealousy or not helping each other out! I would love it if there were too many raw food restaurants or products to choose from! While getting the film industry to Michigan has been a step in the right direction (let's stop depending on the auto industry or the government and start fixing our economy ourselves!) for this state, we still need MORE businesses and industries. I know, I know, it's the government that gives companies tax breaks...but really, do you think the politicians and the government will give tax breaks or salary cuts to the politicans....unless we as the citizens demand it? There are a lot of powerful and wealthy people in Michigan-we can make a change if we wanted! So, back to the topic of an online business. Here are some tips and things I've learned:

1. Don't spend too much time worrying about copyright or people copying your idea! Just get the product and the idea out there and running. If anyone actually wants to buy it, than you can worry about the legal issues. Getting traffic to your site doesn't happen overnight! So, in other words, JUST DO SOMETHING! The rest will fall in to place!

2. If you don't know how to build traffic to your site, or you don't want to spend the time learning-make sure you devote the majority of your money to getting traffic and search engines. I know I said to just start your site and not worry about the details, and that is true-EXCEPT on this topic. You MUST know how to do this part! I don't want to say you shouldn't make an online business if you don't know how to do this as anything can happen and I don't want to discourage people's dreams-BUT, just be aware it's not likely and/or it would be extremely hard! Ideally it's better to do this yourself, but if you can't, you need to find someone you can trust who will do it. Don't just think your site will take off by word of mouth-this can happen, but it takes a long time and it's a full-time job! There are all kinds of tips and techniques to make your website noticed, and as you can tell...I am still learning!

3. If you are going to have employees, make sure you have a written contract. I can't tell you how many times my employees tried to go back on something we agreed on, but I had it in writing! Not to mention it will separate the ones who are serious about your agreement. Anyone can agree verbally to do something, but if it's in writing-it makes it more difficult to agree to do something you have no intention of really doing! Writing it down makes people think about what they are agreeing to!

4. If you expect things to happen overnight, than don't do it! Be prepared and embrace your mistakes! Let them motivate you, not discourage you (I need to remind myself of this one often!)

5. Don't waste time asking people what they think about your idea, unless maybe it's anonymous! Most people may genuinely like your idea, but that doesn't mean they'd actually use it. Or, they may be too nice to admit they wouldn't. If you think it's a good idea and it's been done before, than by all means go for it. If it's something completely new and you have nothing to compare it with, than it's a bit of a gamble and you can do all the research in the world...but again, the best way to learn is by doing! (which takes us back to tip #1 and 4)

That's all I can think of for now, but if anybody else has any ideas or advice, please feel free to share it with me!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Eliminating Negativity

I don't know where you are today, but man, it's been cloudy and depressing out all day! I've noticed a lot of people in a very bad mood today, but I'm not going to let it bring me down! I think that yeah, it's cloudy, but it's also warmer! NO reason to be so cranky people :) Vitamin D3 is excellent for getting that "sunshine" effect. When I take it, it's like it's a sunny day for me EVERY day! I love the stuff-it makes me so happy I feel giggly! Yes, I said giggly!

I spoke to someone today (hi Mike, hope you get to check out my blog!) about changing your mindset and not allowing other people's negativity get you down. I think this is SO important. You NEED to learn how to block out other people's negativity when you are trying to change your eating habits, or if you are trying to accomplish anything really!!

Some great ways to change your thinking:

1. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) A very easy, fast way to take away the EMOTIONAL hurt in your life. It doesn't make you forget the emotions, it just makes them less intense. I don't know about you, but I definitely eat unhealthy foods when I'm upset! So, this has been a huge lifesaver for me! is a great site to get started on learning this easy technique.

2. Surround yourself with positive people only! I don't care if this means staying away from family or even your best friends! You can only do so much for them! If they are negative, they are PHYSICALLY and EMOTIONALLY HURTING you. Even if they are friends or family!! I wish more people understood that you are not obligated to put up with someone's negative behavior, just because you love or care about them! You are doing them a favor in the long run by setting your boundaries. Some great ways to meet some positive people?!!! I also want to add, that you shouldn't just push people out of your life right away-I only meant people that you continually try to tell how you feel, and that continue to not listen to you or respect your feelings! I believe in giving people a chance and discussing things first-BUT there is only so much you can do with certain people!

3. Shielding. What does this mean? It is very simple-putting up a mental boundary around your body. We are energy and we are surrounded by energy! You don't have to understand how this works, just know that it is true. With Quantum physics progressing so rapidly, we are beginning to even understand this. How to shield? I love to either just imagine (after doing deep breathing for a few minutes to get relaxed-it helps if you SMILE also while you do this. A smile changes your mindset automatically) and imagining I have a shield around me, and I also have been adding lately mirrors. Why mirrors? If someone is trying to harm you, their negativity will reflect off of you and onto them! That is how the universe works-whatever you put out there, comes back to you. By visualizing these images in your mind, you are simply reminding yourself that no one's negativity can harm you, unless you LET it! You are reminding yourself that whatever someone tries to do you, ultimately comes back to them!

That's all I can think of for now, but I guarantee if you start doing these things you will notice a difference in your willpower and your mood.

The key, and this a HUGE thing that I learned the hard way-if you see positive results, you must do this on a continuous basis. I would get good results, but not continue to do the work. It doesn't work that way though-you have to make this a regular and DAILY habit, or it is all too easy to allow negativity back in your life! One little bit of negativity can spiral out of control. This must be a constant effort-but believe me, after awhile it does not feel like work at all, but rather a joy!!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

7 day detox challenge!

Let me first apologize to my male readers that this post is a bit girly, but it seems fun!

If anyone wants to join me in doing this, let me know:

The Raw Divas 7 Day Detox

Monday, December 1, 2008

It's NOT the economy...'s US.

Yeah, I said it!

It's not the banks.

It's not the auto industry.

It's not the credit card companies.

It's not the mortgage companies either!

It's US.


Our citizens.

If I hear another person say,"Well, with the way the ECONOMY is...,"I may just scream!

I know it's hard to take responsibility, but we allowed this to happen. Whether conciously or unconciously, we did. We allow it to happen by doing nothing but saying, "the economy sucks."

What are you doing to fix it? We are responsible for the government we allow!!!!

I know it's overwhelming to think about what you can do since you are just one person-but you know how the saying only takes ONE person to change things!

How about just by starting with changing your attitude from one of a victim to one who has the power and the ability to have an effect. You may not know how yet, but I guarantee changing that victim attitude will bring ways you didn't see possible!

The same goes for eating healthier! When we say we are too busy, too broke, etc. to eat healthy, is that REALLY true? Is it really your career, your slowing metabolism, or your lack of time? Or is it something else that keeps you from really changing your diet habits???

I'm going to be posting more info. here about a 7 day detox program I'm going to try, and I'll post more info. up here for anyone who wants to participate in it with me(it's free) So check back for that-it always helps to have support when you are trying to change your diet/habits! :)