Sunday, September 21, 2008

What ails you?

I'm relatively healthy-no major health concerns other than I have suffered from fatigue and depression sometimes (but really, who hasn't?!).I have recently become a distributor for and a lot of the products and superfoods (I haven't received or tried all the products yet but I have had other superfoods) have helped me tremendously. I think our ground is depleted, and even organic food can legally have up to 5% chemicals, so superfoods are great for additional nutrients-definitely better than taking medicine or supplements.If you are like most people though, chances are you have something you would like some help with. Here are just some of ailments that superfoods can help with, even if you aren't sticking to a raw food/or healthy diet:

Acidity: Immune Detox, Revitaphi
Allergies,asthma:Marine Phytoplankton
Anxiety: Gold Rush, Revitaphi, Cordyceps
B12 deficiency: Golden Inca Berries
Cholesterol: Cordyceps
Cramps: Maca
Depression:Blue Green Algae, Cacao, Immune Detox, Revitaphi, Maca, Cacao
Diabetes (type 2): Marine Phytoplankton
Digestion: Island Fire
Fatigue: Immune Detox, Revitaphi, Maca, Cordyceps
Fertility: Maca
Focus/Learning:Blue Green Algae, Gold Rush, Immune Detox, Marine
Heart/circulatory function:Marine Phytoplankton, Cordyceps, Cacao
Immune system: Immune Detox, Marine Phytoplankton, Maca, Cordyceps
Impotence: Maca
Insomnia: Gold Rush, Cordyceps
Joint Pain: Marine Phytoplankton
Magnesium Deficiency: Cacao
Memory: Gold Rush, Marine Phytoplankton, Maca, Cordyceps
Menopause: Maca
Metabolism:Blue Green Algae, Maca
Mood:Blue Green Algae, Gold Rush
Motivation: Gold Rush, Blue Green Algae
Overeating: Gold Rush
Physical Performance/exercise stamina: Gold Rush, Immune Detox, Maca, Cordyceps, Blue Green Algae,Phytoplankton,Revitaphi,Maca
Thyroid/Endocrine problems: Maca
Toxins: Immune Detox,
Seasonal Affective Disorder: Gold Rush
Stress: Gold Rush,Revitaphi, Cordyceps

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