Saturday, September 6, 2008

Clinic Volunteers Needed and Dearborn Farmer's Market!

Two causes I feel very strong about! I just read that a clinic in Wyandotte is helping the working uninsured. Considering I am going four years on not having health insurance, I believe in this cause (oh, and I have been working full-time!) If you have medical experience, they only need 3 hours of volunteer time.
Check out the article while the website is under construction:

I also lived and worked in the city of Dearborn for two years, and I do love that city! They have a great Chamber of Commerce that tries to keep the city fun, and thriving in this tough economy. I am really excited at one of their recent ideas. A Farmer's Market! Be sure to go out and support it!
It runs until Oct. 10th!

How great would it be if EVERY city did something like this?

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