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Monday, September 15, 2008

I have a nephew!

Well, little baby Benjamin decided to make his debut right during the Deidre Currie Festival! Which, ironically, the reason for the festival is in memory of Deidre Currie, who passed away during childbirth. I had asked if I could get a refund, just because I hate to waste money. I feel if I didn't go, it was money not spent well. Well, I looked back at the site and reread the story of how Deidre Currie passed away, and I feel like even if I didn't attend the festival, at least it went to a good cause! I'm very grateful my sister had a healthy and safe delivery, and glad I could help in a small way to someone else who was not so fortunate!

So far, one of my friends has reported back that their house had NO outside damage. How do you have a house in a hurricane, and remain untouched? I mean, yeah, I know they'd say God....but I mean, what did He do-have a bubble over there house? How does it not get touched? Amazing! Wish I could have seen that! I hope the rest of my friends were as fortunate. How frustrating to not be able to go home!

I also ran THREE miles today with NO pain!! :) I am also finding that I giggle more. It's really weird. Does raw food make anyone else giggly? I find complete strangers wanting to chat with me, and babies from across rooms smile and say hi. I think I'm going nuts! lol But I suppose it makes sense-everyone wants to be around you when you are happy!! It's just weird, because I am on a mission when I go shopping or running errands-I certainly don't make chit chat or encourage it! I just like to get things done and get back home. lol.

I'm so excited also-my box from comes tomorrow. I just hope I don't miss the shipment because I have orientation for class tomorrow! What does FedEx do if you miss a shipment for perishable food?! Hmm, I think I need to call about that, although it's a bit late now!

Well, if I get the food ok I'll be sure to let you know how it is!

Oh, and I'd like to say about my previous post about sacred chocolate not tasting good...I am wondering if I had an imposter chocolate heart....I looked on the website and it didn't look anything like what I bought at a store. So, I hope so-because I want to like raw chocolate bars, I really do!!!

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