Friday, September 12, 2008

Grow where you're planted...

As Hurricane Ike descends on Texas and Louisiana I wonder why anyone would want to live there! I have a lot of friends in Michigan who have moved there, and I just can't understand it. I cower in the basement when we have a tornado warning. I don't even like lightning! But I guess I understand in a way-I think of all the times I've tried to leave Michigan, and somehow I end up back here..I wanted to move to California or NYC to do film seems to be coming to this state. I wanted to move to Arizona for the raw food movement....yet there are so many exciting things going on here. While the Michigan Raw food festival this month will get far less press than the one in Sedona this's still amazing progress for this state. The wonderful people at Detroit Evolution teaching raw food in all places...DETROIT! Give those people an award....oh wait, they just won one for best vegetarian food in Detroit from Channel 4. whole point is....maybe you are going through your own hurricanes right now, and you wish you could escape them-but rest assured, you are exactly where you need to be at this time! Just keep moving on, and trying, and rebuilding!! My prayers are with all of the people going through this hurricane!

I also wanted to add-I was able to run today with NO pain, and I was barely tired at all! I had to stop myself from trying to run more than I knew I should because I felt so great! I know that just because I feel good though doesn't mean I should run too much, I should increase my running gradually. I also did an hour of Kundalini Yoga from Yogi Jim

I have been also doing oil pulling and dry skin brushing, and taking enzymes and supplements. I'll let you know what kind of supplements when/if this whole half-marathon training in very little time works lol. But telling what it is every day would get a bit tiring.

And be proud of me, day three of being 98% raw!!! I had two smoothies from Zerbos

Although I could only finish half! The turkey sandwich but no cheese, and in a lettuce wrap (There was very little turkey in it, and it was the good kind) and the raw sandwich, also in a lettuce wrap (could only finish half)

On another note, I was supposed to go to the Deidre Currie Festival tomorrow morning but my sister may be going in to labor early! I hope she can hold off one day, so I can report on that to you and take some pictures! If you are interested and reading this, I think it may not be too late to get tickets.....

The last Weston A. Price foundation festival I attended was a real paradigm shifter for me-really made me think of things in a different way. I love the raw food lifestyle, but I always get other ways of thinking. The Weston A. Price foundation nutrition idea is not as extreme as Raw Food. I'm not saying either is right or wrong, I think that's a person choice. But, it's interesting nonetheless!

Good night, and TAKE A HIKE IKE!!!!!!!


Kristen's Raw said...

I'm so glad I read your blog today. Guess what? I'm coming to MI this week and didn't know about the Michigan Raw Food event. I think I can rearrange my schedule to be there!


Alison said...

That would be great! I'm going to really try to make it, would be great to meet you! Seems like a good event, I hope they have been able to get the word out!