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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Review of Tasi Juice Bar in Royal Oak

I went to Tasi's recently when I was in Royal Oak. For a raw foodist, it may not be the best place to go-but if you are in downtown Royal Oak, it is one of your best options! The place was nice inside, but very small. If you don't feel like talking, don't eat there because it's set up in such a way that the cash register is facing the people sitting down-it was a bit awkward eating while the people working there had nothing else to do but sit and stare at you! It was a rainy,gloomy day, so it was slow....I'm sure when it's busy it wouldn't be so awkward. The food portions were very small, BUT it is a JUICE BAR...I just would have liked the sandwiches to be bigger portions for the price! They also use soy, and there isn't a lot of room to mix and match. For instance, no sprouted bread, or lettuce wrap options instead of bread. You can't put hemp or rice milk in your smoothies-but it's not a raw food's still better than going to just about any other restaurant in the area! I really liked the tiki bar corner where you could sit. On a rainy day, it was nice pretending I was on a beach in the bahamas! lol

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