Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Training for a half marathon!

Yes, you heard it! NO MORE EXCUSES. I'm going to go all raw, and I'm going to start exercising again. The half-marathon is in only FIVE weeks. Now, before you go telling me there is no way to go from running no miles to 13.1 in five weeks, I am aware of that! I haven't ran in awhile, not since I injured myself in college. Ok, all that walking while living on campus...AND running....that was too much. I went a bit overboard back then!My thing here is this marathon is just motivation. I'm training like I have 6 months...I'm going to take it slow. No injuries for me! (although if it happens, it won't be horrible since I just sit on my butt at home for work anyways all day!) I may not run, but I rebound and do kundalini yoga sometimes. Those are pretty good exercises! Not to mention, this will really test whether raw food can make you do better than the average athlete. Normal people are unable to run 13 miles in 5 weeks...but hey, doing raw food...maybe I can! I've never let people telling me something can't be done stop me before! In fact, I LOVE a challenge. It'll be a fun little experiment for my readers (you are there,right?!)

The reason I stopped running is I think there are less traumatic ways to get in shape! lol If I have to walk the marathon though I will....or crawl while If I don't feel ready to do even that, then I won't. I just really need the motivation to eat healthy and work out now, and not just waiting until I move (Oct. 1st) I keep saying, oh I'll do this when I move and that's just crazy. You never know what tomorrow holds! I think my real reason has been lack of motivation. I'm going to just spill my heart out to the world here(as if I don't anyways! I am not sure I can be anything but honest's just no insult hurts me worse than when I find out someone lied, so I try not to!) I think the reason why I've been unmotivated is I figure why bother? Anytime I accomplish anything, or have anything good in my gets taken away. I am just sick of working hard, achieving something...tasting what it feels like to be happy....and then have it taken away and starting over again!! If you kick someone enough, eventually they stop fighting back!!! That's how I feel right now. It's not that I doubt my ability to do something...I doubt how long it will last!!! But I know this is's my emotions. My logical side says that is not a reason to give up! So, I'm hoping this challenge will keep me motivated! I love goals. I am not challenged with my current work. I can't wait to go back to school for this reason! Deadlines, markable indicators of success (good grades) all of these things I LOVE! I used to hate school as a kid, but I really grew to love it. I went to Zerbo's today and stocked up on all kinds of things that they thought would be good for intense training. I ate the Raw Power smoothie, and the raw sandwich, and I'm ordering the Raw Box (10 raw foods prepared and shipped) from so I have no excuse to not eat raw! I think if its sent to my front door is the only way I'll eat raw food meals. I hate making them, hate cleaning up juicers, blenders, I know, I'm so lazy that way-but it's so hard when there are so many already prepared food options to tempt me!!! I also did an hour of Kundalini yoga, and managed to run one mile!!! I could have done more, but figured to go easy! My left shin was a bit sore, but that's cuz I sit indian style while I'm a the computer a lot and I think I put too much pressure on it. Gotta stop doing that! :) I had a detox headache, but other than that felt good. Oh, and just a warning...I tried that sacred chocolate heart bar...and let me just say, it tastes REALLY bitter. I'll let you decide if that's bad or good....but just be warned it doesn't taste like the chocolate u are used to! I thought they'd put SOMETHING in it to make it a bit sweeter (dates?! Something! ugh) but it was just raw cacao (coco in its natural state) I know it said it was all raw-but there has to be some kind of raw sweetener to add? If you have ever tasted raw cacao you know what I'm talking about! Anyways though-wish me luck and any tips and advice about running, especially on a raw diet, feel free to let me know!!!

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