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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pictures from Chicago!

Well my orientation for getting a grant to go back to school was postponed today! They had a power outage! :( What luck I've been having lately! I've been waiting for this for awhile! I tried to reschedule and the number has been busy all day. But, I actually have a full day off, so I can finally upload the pictures of the raw food restaurants I went to in Chicago!
My favorite Restaurant, was Borrowed Earth Cafe. Here is the link:

Here is the inside of the store, and a cool sign they had in the lobby.

The very good spinach dip appetizer. The bread was kind of bland,but overall if you were new to raw food I think you could overlook it because the dip was very good.Next was the cheese perogies. Also very good, although of course it was just a name to describe them, they didn't taste like actual perogies.

Next came the entrees! Justin had the "pizza" and I had the "burger and fries." Justin is picky but he liked his, and even the three side salads (except the cauliflower one, but he just doesn't like cauliflower) Mine was very good. I really liked the bun they used, it was almost sweet tasting, but good. The fries were a bit bland, but the ketchup was amazing! I could have eaten just the ketchup by itself!

Last, but not least....the ice cream and cheesecake! Soo good! Almost tasted like the real thing-I'd even say it was better!

Ok, so this took forever....I have lots more pictures to add from Chicago, and also a quick review from my recent visit at Tasi Juice Bar in Royal Oak, but I'm going to wait because there are other things I'd like to do on my day off! Blogger doesn't make it easy to upload pics, or maybe I'm doing something wrong? Anyone have any tips?!

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