Thursday, September 11, 2008

Day 2 of training!

Ok, so today I didn't train because I like to give myself 24 hours to recover. But it was still a day of training as far as eating healthy!! I went to Zerbo's again and had the blue peanut smoothie (lol) and some sprouted sandwich. The smoothie was good,but I didn't like the spread on the sandwich. I don't know, had a weird taste. Hmm, it tasted like....natural, nutritious blahh. Not what I've been used to lately! But I wasn't hungry at all. It's so nice how when u eat healthy you need less food. When I eat bad stuff I'm constantly hungry, it's like my body is never happy when I eat processed food. I also had a mandarin salad from Wendy's tonight, but I figured a little bit of chicken would be ok since I'm going to push myself tomorrow (Friday) and run an extra mile. Although I'm taking B-12 and iron supplements now since I'm going to eat all raw food. Normally I wouldn't think you need all that,but for marathon training I want to be safe!!!

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