Friday, September 19, 2008

Dearborn Farmers Market!

I went to my first farmer's market today! What have I been waiting for? It was SO nice to meet the people who grow the food, hang out in the sunshine, and the products were amazing! We have so many wonderful products and farms here in Michigan! I got some really good raspberries from and some homemade applesauce with no sugar added from

I also LOVE soy candles and I was out so I bought one from Wilde Flower Soap Co. Excellent, all natural soaps by the way. I got a wonderful lilac one which reminds me of the flowers we had in our backyard when I was a kid. It's not one of those candles you can barely smell-it feels like you are next to actual lilacs! You can reach them at 887-290-8628.

Some of the vendors I spoke with were surprised I don't charge for advertising on my site-and you know what, maybe I should since I do actually spend a substantial amount each month-but I love networking and learning from all of the health conscious people in Michigan-that I feel honored and excited just to list their businesses! Maybe if the bandwidth becomes too much a month I'd consider it, but only as an option to keep the site going!

Oh, this was another exciting product I got to try (and Justin bought it):

If you have not been to Traverse City, Michigan and tried their cherries, this is a close second! Mmmm, cherries from Traverse City!! Doesn't get better than that!

I ran 5 miles today with no issues, and I really think it has a lot to do with the Gold Rush I'm taking from

I can hardly wait to try their other products-I get a shipment in about a week!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm not sure how far it is for you but Plymouth has a Farmer's Market every Saturday 7:30-12:30. I haven't been in years (even though I work next door) but I remember it being really nice. It should be going on for the next month or so.

I'm considering a raw lifestyle so I really appreciate your website and blog. Its nice to know I will not be the only raw person in Michigan.

Alison said...

Thanks for the tip! I hope to get back to updating the calendar in October, and I have a TON of new businesses, products, and restaurants to add to the directory!

Glad you enjoy the site, and you are definitely not putting this site together I've realized how many people in Michigan are into raw food! Join the message boards and myspace if you haven't already!

Thanks for stopping by :)