Sunday, August 10, 2008

My refrigerator has multiple personalities..

...or maybe that's just me! The only thing I can really do is laugh when I look at it and see organic salad dressing next to regular ketchup, Kombucha next to coke, organic dates next to burger king...seriously, what is my deal?! lol

Ahh, one of these days I will go from transitioning to fully raw (ok, at LEAST 80%!)

In other news I did not have time to update the website this weekend because I had too much fun! I will get to it soon though, so check back for updated links in the directory!

Hope you all had a good weekend as well! Lot's of great events to wind down the weekend and get ready for a great new week-Yoga for Peace (check out the events calendar) Warren Farmer's Market, Gibralter Trade Center's Holistic festival, Vegan Feasts...wooohoo! Why am I still on the computer?! :)

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