Friday, August 29, 2008

Chicago Raw Food Restaurants

Wow, I've been so lame about posting on here! Oh, and so many updates to make to the member directory section! Ugh. Sorry about that, really! I hope to get over this slump soon. Just have not felt like updating. So, I'll do this really quick to at least do something!!! I will add pics another day...hopefully lol.

I went to three restaurants, and it's funny because the order I went to them was from best to worst. lol I didn't plan it that way. Actually the one I was least excited about was my favorite! The one I couldn't wait to go to....well, let's just say I was less than impressed!

1. Borrowed Earth Cafe...soo good I had to try everything!! I spent about $90 for two people! lol But everything was soo good. I especially liked their ice cream and cheesecake. Justin didn't like the cheesecake but I think he was comparing it to real cheesecake too much! I think it was better than real cheesecake though-didn't make me feel all bloated and fat afterwards! The food was so good we weren't hungry the rest of the day. It was really nice inside, and the owners were very friendly as well. If I open a raw food restaurant I'd like it to be like this one!! Anyone in Michigan looking for ideas...I recommend you visit this one as well!

2. Cousin's Vitality- Very nice as well. Their were some menu items from the website not offered, the waiter didn't know what a few were (lol) and they didn't have the tea I wanted...but I do understand it's a raw food restaurant the food perishes quicker and its seasonal. I didn't get to try Rejuvelac but I did get to try Durian pudding. I really liked it, made me feel euphoric!!! Justin did not like the flavor of it lol. I think he's just not used to these exotic foods yet! But we liked everything else! I do have to say the tea they did have was really good! Pretty nice inside, and they had helpful phamplets on good water and what raw food is. I had a nice conversation with a customer-people were very friendly and relaxed. I liked all the plants they had in and outside the store. The neighborhood looked like Hamtramck, Michigan if it wasn't so scary! lol

3. Karyn's Fresh Corner- Wow, what to say that isn't mean. Let me say it was in a very nice neighborhood, and it LOOKED nice. Seemed to have a lot of good beauty products, and I got to try rejuvelac (which didn't taste horrible actually! ) That being said...the people were not helpful or friendly, and the person who rang me up messed up on my order. Let's just say he was so incompetent I didn't even bother to let him know because I figured it would be too much trouble to explain it!!! My sandwich (I got the hamburger) was HORRIBLE. I'm not trying to be mean...but I think people should was single worst thing I have ever eaten! Ugh. So awful. They even screwed up Hummus. Maybe I'm spoiled for living in a city that is mainly middle eastern, so I know good Hummus...but this was so gross!!! People working in the bookstore section didn't even so much as say hello. I don't know, maybe it was an off day...a REALLY off day!!!

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