Monday, August 11, 2008

The Highly Sensitive Raw Foodist?

I know a lot of us get involved in raw food for health reasons-but what about us who do it just because? Sure, there are those like me who get involved for mainly shallow reasons (I don't wanna age! wahhhh! Ok, yeah I want to be healthy but I really, really don't want to look old!) but maybe there is more to it? In order to do this lifestyle you have to be really dedicated. I've discovered that living in an area where I have to drive an hour just to go grocery shopping-that's a lot of work! It's HARD work for me. Mostly mental though-I know it's difficult because I'm making it-but that is still a very real problem-whether self created or not! Anyhows, I was reading about Highly Sensitive People (yes, it's a real condition so don't laugh-I might cry! lol) Seriously though, it's more than just being emotional-it's a condition (well it's not a condition in that it's really considered a disability-just makes you different-and in most societies I do consider that as bad as having a disability but to be noted it does have SOME good things too) where your nervous system is just more sensitive-sound,light, touch, to stress, and FOOD. So maybe a lot of raw foodists are highly sensitive people also? Surely highly sensitive people would be drawn to natural foods because their nervous system can't take the abuse of processed food as much. This might be why raw foodists also feel so spiritual. I really think that regular folks will notice a spiritual growth once they do raw foods as well because being at your ultimate health peak and thinking clearly for the first time in your life IS no doubt a spiritual event-but what about for someone already very sensitive? It must be mind blowing to them! Anyways, just thought it was interesting and I'd like to pass the word on because it's such a misunderstood trait to have-the more who know about it the better! Oh yeah, and if you meet some raw foodists who seem a bit moody and out there, this may be a contributing factor ;) I say this with love, but seriously, there are some crazy one's out there-but please don't let this dissaude you from raw foods!!!

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