Saturday, August 16, 2008

Everything but the Kitchen Sink Power Antioxidant Smoothie!

Before I get to the smoothie recipe, let me just say I reread my last blog and was amazed at how angry I was. Not because I never get angry (ha!) but because of where it was directed. If anything, I feel sorry for the people who have to promote Wendy's and Burger King! I'm sure the awful feeling that they get from doing that is punishment enough! They are just trying to make a living and survive the best they know how to at this point in their life! If they don't think they are doing anything wrong-well, karma will catch up with them eventually. I have always heard that if you are angry with someone it is because you see something in yourself you do not like-but usually I don't see that. So, maybe that is not true EVERY time-but there is some truth still in that phrase. I realized that I was so angry at them because my current job is one I am not proud of, and it is very draining on my emotional health and well-being doing something I do not feel is positive or uplifting-but I am going to change that SOON!! I WILL! Anyways, so my anger is more that there are even jobs like these-why food like this is allowed to be promoted-but not so much at the people doing it.

Ok, back to what you wanted to read probably! I didn't think I had any food that could be used for a recipe. You know what that's like I'm sure-you have some of this, some of that-but nothing that could make a whole recipe! So I decided to just throw it all together in a smoothie and to my surprise it actually tasted good! Usually I go for function (most amount of nutrients, antioxidants) and speed and easy to make....and not taste as much. Here it is:

Blend together:
Organic frozen acai
Organic frozen berry acai
A couple of handfuls of mulberries
A handful of goji berries (I'm not a big fan of goji berries, so you can add more if you'd like)
1 bottle of Kombucha (I used GTS Kombucha passionberry bliss )
Dash of raw cacao powder

You may want to add less Kombucha if you don't like it that much-because it is very strong. I didn't mind it because I wanted to use it before it expired, but if you are going for taste alone I'd suggest less!

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