Tuesday, August 12, 2008


So I was looking for the new hideous Wendy's commercial about "meatarians," and couldn't find it. I did, however, find a rather funny article discussing anthropologists arguments that raw food diets were unnatural and that humans have adapted to cooking. I have to say the guy defending it got pretty mad about the anthropologists lack of evidence...yet, at the same time he did not have anything to back up what he was saying in those incidences either.

I don't need to research or argue to know that cooking just doesn't make sense-but I don't really ever think like normal people anyways. I've thought humans were pretty ridiculous and things annoy me-like why do we need to brush our teeth? Wear shoes? Cook our food? We are the ONLY things on earth that really does this. Ok, so some animals use tools, build homes, etc. but the extent that we do things is a bit much! Some would argue that shows our intelligence levels and that's what makes us the dominant species-but I have to say, if we are so freakin' intelligent, how come we don't realize the negative effects some of things we do? Or is it not that we are more intelligent than most species-but rather we are just the most selfish? Perhaps they know how to do the elaborate things we do, but realize it's not in harmony with the rest of the world and therefore not a good idea? Just because we CAN do something, or have figured something out other than what is natural does not mean we HAVE to do it. I hate to be cliche' here, but with great power comes great responsibility! If it's true we ARE more intelligent, than we need to be more responsible when we mess with the natural order of things. Sure, we may be able to come up with things, but I still think we are a long way away from improving upon the natural world just as it already is!
Anyone who argues that cooking is natural and have been used for centuries, blahblahblah, go and eat a Baconator from Wendy's and the next day eat a nice salad and some fruit and tell me which one makes you feel better! That's all the research you will need to do!

Despite some of the flaws in BOTH sides of the people arguing in this article, there is some good information backing up raw foodists and it was pretty interesting (although LONG-phew, and I thought I could be wordy when writing sentences-Harvard people, you beat me on that by a long shot!)

Oh, and if you really want to be disgusted today, just search "Burger King Apple Commercial" on youtube and read the ignorant reponses to it! The video has been removed from youtube, but you can still read the comments of "dude, that's awesome, apple fries!" "what a great idea, now I don't even have to eat apples in their real form! My fat, slobby self can pretend I'm eating fries, heaven forbid I have to eat a real apple! Thanks Burger King!"

Ok, so maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, people didn't say that...but anything less than being appalled by Burger King's assumption that apple fries are "good or healthy" for children is disgusting in my opinion....I'd like to kick the Burger King "Dad" and take the fries away from the bratty little girl and make her eat a real apple every day for the rest of her life...now THAT would be a cool commercial.

I'm done ranting! :)

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