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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Beauty is from the inside...

...I really do believe that! I also believe what you eat is far more important than any makeup or products you can put on your face! So, this weekend I wanted to get some spa treatments. I felt like spoiling myself, but didn't want to spend the money when I really think most of that stuff is psychological anyways-it makes you feel good to be pampered, so you look better! Anyways, I looked around at what I had already, and to my surprise, found a lot of common things can be used for face masks! I had a tomato and potato (wasn't trying to rhyme there lol) that were sitting around, and I'm pretty sure no one was going to eat them soon-did you know they can be used for face masks? :) I never would have thought a tomato would be good for your skin, but why not?

Here is a recipe for one using potatos:
Mask 2. For Potato face pack you will need One teaspoon of potato juice and One teaspoon of multani mitti. Blend both the ingredients together and apply on the face. Leave it until it dries and wash off with lukewarm water.

I also used coconut as a hair conditioner, and maluka honey for a face mask! I LOVE how coconut smells-makes a great body lotion too!

My hair and skin felt amazing, all while using natural products I already had around the house!

I have also been doing dry skin brushing every day for two months, and my skin feels like velvet! If you can find two extra minutes to your morning routine, you have to try dry skin brushing!!


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