Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sunfood Nutrition!

I'm sooo excited!! I finally got approved to be an affiliate for Sunfood Nutrition. Now, I don't endorse ANY product that I have not already tried or believe in...but, Sunfood Nutrition is by far my favorite one. I absolutely love the enzymes:

I'm so excited I can direct you to it now, whenever I tell people about it they look so confused...well, now you can just click on that picture and read about it!

Now I suppose if I ate more raw food I wouldn't need the enzymes, but I'm not there yet. Not even close! So, adding these enzymes helps with my transition.

I think what I really like also is that a lot of thought and care seems to go into the products. They are a little more expensive, but I've always been one to rather pay more for quality, and care than for something that is put together with less thought. I like quality over quantity any day!

They also have a lot of exotic things-or as it's called, "Superfood." Now I'll admit, more often than not I have found things I did not enjoy, such as mulberries (blach!) BUT anything besides a plain old salad or apple helps to keep me interested in raw food. Maybe I'm strange, but I think half the fun of a raw food diet is discovering what works and what doesn't. Sure, it would be nice and convenient if there was one book that said exactly what you should eat each day-what will not only taste good to you, but will also provide you with the optimal nutrients that day. But there isn't. Each day is a journey, and an experience-sometimes good, sometimes not! But what you eat, and what you find is entirely up to YOU. I like that kind of freedom! And discovering unique things is definitely something that will happen when you shop at Sunfood Nutrition.

Ok, so that's enough of my plug for Sunfood Nutrition! :)

Check it out for yourself:

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