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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Let's go eat some genetically modified food for lunch!

Do you know what GMO's are? If you are like most people I talk to-you have an idea, but you really don't know.

It's amazing to me how this has slipped into our food system quietly and no one seems to notice.

GMO's alter the DNA of food you eat.

If you are a raw foodist you should be concerned with this!

Eating just fruits and vegetables is not enough. Even organic ones. These are foods I stay away from, even if they are organic, because of the cross-over from Genetically modified crops next to organic ones:
1. Banana's
2. Soy (and besides the GMO- soy has too many other risks)
3. Corn
4. Tomatoes (eat in moderation)

While I may be a bit paranoid to some, there is no way to really know what organic farms are next to genetically altered ones. It would be tough to contact each and every company, so I just try to avoid them. But, I suppose eating organic is better than nothing.

Not convinced how dangerous GMO's are? Read this:

For a list of bad foods and safe foods:

Now, let's NOT go eat some GMO's for lunch!

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