Monday, July 21, 2008


So frustrating!!!! This is how I feel about computers today:


I am definitely being taught patience today-something I struggle with. It's such an important virtue to have though, isn't it?

Especially with changing your eating habits!

The changes will not happen over night!

It's worth it though-give yourself a break from expecting things to work out now.

Working in TV news, a high stress job, I noticed a lot of people handling situations that were out of their control in a less than mature way. The amount of time they spent throwing a tantrum over things that were clearly out of their control could have been spent doing other things. What a great lesson in time management-and what NOT to do!

So, my computer is not working and I can't do my "day" job...instead of getting mad, I just work on my blog.

Take that attitude with food- so you can't get your raw food recipe tonight, maybe it didn't work out the way you planned? Don't get mad and say that raw food doesn't work! Maybe it's better to just enjoy an apple and doing something else that needs to get done.

When one thing doesn't work, get something else done, until you can go back to what you were originally trying to do. That is much more effective than spending time getting upset!

Here is a pic from the Concert of Colors last night:

And some music from the night (I had video of a guy in a wheelchair who stood up and danced...but of course I can't find it lol)

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