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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ban on Fast Food!

Oh, they so need to do this! I'm being realistic though-what about the lost jobs? While I would love to get rid of the temptation of fast food, they better have a back up for those jobs! Fast food is like crack and so addictive. And if that is all that is available-it's really not fair to the people who live there. Of course they are going eat unhealthy!

I wish someone would make a raw fast food restaurant! How great would that be?

Smoothies, juice, and salads at a DRIVE-THRU! No more cleaning my juicer for half an hour, or wondering about food combinations or making sure my produce doesn't go bad before I eat it all! A smoothie and juice drive-thru. Please, someone make this! :) I would, but I don't want any more loans out! :) But I am working on a juice bar in the downriver area (anybody want to help with that) I hope one day instead of McDonalds we will see raw fast food!

Gotta love dreams :)

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