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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Raw Food Class

Hello! Just thought I'd throw the idea out there- if anyone is interested in taking a class by me about Raw Food Basics (sprouting,dehydrating, food processing, questions and answers) let me know and I'll email you when I start offering them.

If you don't live in Michigan, let me know and I'll still include you if I get enough people. I have done teleconferences with work, so that could be an option also.

To get on the list my email is:

And I will only send you an email about class updates. Nothing else!

Thanks :)


runningwild said...

Hey there - I'm a fellow Michigan Raw Foodist! Where area are you located in?

Alison said...

hello! thanks for stopping by! I'm in S.E. Michigan. Where are you? Be sure to check out the site and the message boards to when you get a chance!