Friday, February 20, 2009

Spotlight On: Life Smart Foods in Utica, Michigan

I was just recently told about Life Smart Foods in Utica. I have not been there because it's not really in my area, but judging from the website it looks really cool! They seem a lot like Zerbo's, and if anybody has read my blog, you know I LOVE Zerbo's :) I love stores that have sandwiches and smoothies too. Nothing like going shopping and being able to get something quick to eat that is HEALTHY :) If you are in the Utica area, or will be soon, here is their website:

Life Smart Foods


Ching Hermosa said...

Zerbos, I'll keep that in mind and check them out soon :)

Alison said...

Yeah, you should!! Zerbo's is one of the most raw friendly places in the Livonia area. If you are in Utica, Life Smart is great also! :)