Saturday, February 14, 2009

Q-Link Free Pendant Valentines Day offer!

Happy Valentines Day! I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful holiday, and that you show love each and EVERY day :)

I am buying myself a q-link pendant and getting the nimbus also!! I'm so excited! I keep saying, oh, when I have more money I'll get it! But that day never comes :P I am ALWAYS in front of a computer though, so I think the nimbus is something I should really get. I had the q-link necklace but lost it in customs in Italy. They were NOT very understanding when I wanted to go back and check lost and found. Ah well, the joys of traveling!

A reseller of q-link is offering a Valentines Day Special until February 20th where if you spend $100 or more, you get a free pendant :) So, I'm going to get the nimbus, and now I'll also get my necklace back! :) You know it's a verified reseller of Q-Link products because it has the seal at the bottom. You can find out more about Q-link and Nimbus at: Q-Link

When you put $100 worth of product in your shopping cart, it will ask you what color pendant you want.

Happy Valentines Day! I'm off to eat a cashew goji bar from Gnosis chocolate :)

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runninggal said...

You visited me a while back. I've been meaning to add you and finally did! You are now on my blog roll! I reorganized. I need more "spirit, mind and body" blogs though - trying to identify a community of us across the US that we can include on a blog roll type thing.

Welcome to my blog world!