Friday, February 6, 2009

Day 19 Raw, and Chia Seeds

Wow, it's day 19 already! I feel AMAZING. I haven't lost anymore weight, but just losing the ten lbs. was great. I think if I can lose another ten I'd be really happy. 20 would be great, but I'm not going to push it just yet. I know this can take time! I'm excited to continue to see the benefits! It's funny how when you eat raw foods you have this ability to eliminate negative things out of your life. I'm slowly getting rid of the things that were weighing me down, and replacing them with happiness I didn't know was possible. I still have a lot of negative things in my life I need to change, but something is just different about me this year. I feel like I'm finally sick of just "getting by." This year WILL be different (God willing!). I have a renewed sense of optimism and I'm remembering who I am. I used to be a very motivated and ambitious person, not content with failure. I feel like I'm getting that back, and it's a welcome relief! I will not lose this part of me again, no matter what! I have not eaten raw EVERY day, but my appetite has gone down and I find when I eat regular foods it's not a lot. I have a lot more balance in what I eat now, and I don't overeat either. That is an amazing feeling.

I also wanted to add my mom discovered Chia seeds, and I'm so thrilled about that! They seem really cool. Google search the benefits of Chia seeds, there are just too many to list here! And no, it's not that they make delightfully tacky plant pets-although Chia seeds can do that also! :)

I'm also in the works of changing my career, and managed to manifest (not to sound too new-agey or anything) a really interesting opportunity that I think I might actually like. I've always been fascinated with the freedom of sales, and many times have thought I found a product I believe in but often become disillusioned by it, or the people I have to work with.

This seems different though, and I hope I'm right!

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