Monday, February 9, 2009

Broke down...

Yesterday I broke down and had...*gasp* taco bell. But you know what? I don't feel bad! I really love myself now, and I know that I will be ok after eating bad one time. I know I will be back to eating raw food again very soon. I'm just healing from someone VERY traumatic in my life. I would rather eat the taco bell if that is what it took to get me to stop that other negativity in my life. I will get through this...and I will get back to eating healthy soon. I still feel very strong-but I'm human. And that's ok...

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Chrissy said...

Good for you...but don't do it again!
Just kidding, actually it's okay to do that. Your body is craving it, and it's okay to give in once in a while.
You know to be honest, one certain meal makes everything wrong go away for me and sometimes you just have to give in. Obviously you do not want to over do it and make it a regular oops, but in the end, you will go back to your raw food diet because it's the best thing for you!
I learned exciting recipes from a book I read called The Live Food Factor, by Susan Schenck. It's all about the way it works, through testimonials and science!
It's quite interesting, and yes, I am pretty sure someone talks about breaking down but getting right back up.