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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kids know best....

Back in my wannaberawfood days, where I tried making two raw food recipes a day (sigh, I really do have unrealistic expectations for myself sometimes lol) I made a raw lasagna and banana and basil smoothie for a very special nine year old. He seemed to enjoy it, but I figured he was just being nice-not to mention in his family he doesn't eat until around 9pm at night (if that) and he is a growing boy. I can't imagine what that would be like-when I was a kid if I didn't eat dinner by 4pm I was STARVING. Yet, he is very sweet about it. I'm not worried about him, I think problems when you are younger make you a better person IF you allow it to. (there are plenty of people, such as his MOM who play the victim role instead though) To this day he commetns on how I need to make him "healthy" food again, and how much he loved it. It's just the purest, sweetest thing ever. I also babysat for a 1 year old who refused and was disgusted by the little sausage links, yet couldn't get enough of the apples and oranges I gave her. Obviously, she was too young for me, a raw foodist (ok, wannabe raw foodist!) to influence her. She just "knew" that meat was not the best food for her. It reminds me of when I was little and I went to sleepovers. Bless my mom's heart, she really did try to feed us healthy even though her idea of healthy was frozen veggies (not sure if organic was really popular when I was little!) and many other frozen foods. She was on the right path though, because I remember being made fun of for being disgusted by pizza and ice cream. I couldn't understand why adults made such a fuss over me hating those foods and why they were so proud of me for liking raw vegetables. (I've NEVER liked cooked veggies.) I just thought everyone should like them. It doesn't stop there though-in junior high and high school, whenever I had friends over, they would act like our bowl of fruit on the kitchen table was a bowl of halloween candy. Since we always had fruit in our house (and many of it went to waste) I didn't think anything of it. In fact, by this point, I thought my friends were a bit strange at how they devoured the fruit in our house like they had never seen it before! I had forgotten how much I loved that food as a young child. Oh, and my neice, you should SEE her eyes light up whenever we give her fruit or water! She just LOVES it, like we are giving her candy! I guess I just find it amazing how children seem to gravitate towards healthy foods. If that doesn't prove that processed foods are merely an addiction, and not necessarily what we "want" than I don't know what would??

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