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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy belated Turkey Day! Are Turkeys dumb?

I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving with lots of raw or vegan treats ;) I didn't have time to make anything, so I just brought fruit. You have to love how easy the raw food diet is! Although I would have loved to wow everybody with healthy and great tasting raw food. Oh, well. Maybe next year I will be the raw foodist June Cleaver. Maybe. lol

After the festivities a few of us were watching a food network show and they were talking about Turkeys. I started wondering if they were stupid, since I had recently learned that chickens were actually very smart on a vegan website. When I brought up this question, somebody said that turkeys are so dumb they actually drown by looking up at the sky when it rains. This just didn't sit well with me so I googled it.

Turns out that Turkeys are very smart. Many of you might know that we almost named our national bird here in the United States,you guessed it, the Turkey!

Ok, so why do people think Turkeys are so stupid? Well, in the wild they are actually very smart. The problem is, you probably guessed it again, factory farms. Yeah, put turkeys or chickens in disgusting, overcrowded conditions, torture them, starve them, etc. and than wonder why they are acting weird?! It makes me sick.

You should see the pics at Go Veg of factory turkeys. It just breaks my heart. They look like mutants. They don't even resemble turkeys anymore.

Now, I know in nature animals kills other animals and eat them. But they do it instantly. They don't slowly torture them for months, and than slowly, brutally kill them. And we don't NEED them to live like animals who were designed to hunt. We also should have a conscience. Now I don't care about people eating meat if they want. I don't think it's healthy in the amount most people eat, but once in awhile is fine, and probably even healthy (yes, a raw foodist admitting meat is healthy. I only say this because our quality and choice of fruits and veggies is so limited that I think we may need meat once in awhile)

BUT if you are going to eat meat, at least eat meat from creatures that were not tortured.

And if you still think you are too good to worry about these poor, defenseless creatures, if THAT is not enough for you...if you think I'm just some hippy ranting about saving stupid animals (I hope none of my readers think that way!)than I ask you to do it for YOURSELF. Why? Because what you put in your body effects you also. Don't think you can eat a living creature that suffered, and your body won't know. Not to mention it is low quality meat.

Do yourself and the turkeys a favor...if you are going to eat turkey or any other animal, eat quality not animals from factory farms!

Yeah, I was a bit of a party pooper reading over the procedure for turkeys in factory farms on Thanksgiving, but people need to know what happens! We need to stop acting like this isn't happening!

Of course, I wouldn't post this without giving you a site on ways to help out so check out Free Range Turkey

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