Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ok, so I quit my blog 30lbsby30 because I just couldn't keep track of it every day. I recently joined and really like it. It tells you how many calories,carbs,fat,and protein you need a day and you input it into a tracker. I really like seeing how much I have for the day, and how much I have allowed left. I'm not eating all raw foods, but I find myself naturally eating more because than I can eat more that day! It's also really making me think about how many calories and fat are in the foods I eat-something I never thought about before. It's a challenge planning my meals to make sure I don't go over my calorie amount. I'm actually finding it fun, not limiting! I also find I have to eat MORE. I think what my problem was that I don't get hungry that much, so I don't eat a lot. Than I emotional eat at night really fatty foods because I didn't eat that much earlier. Now I see, oh it's dinner time and I barely ate anything, I need to add something-but not TOO much. I make better choices when I do eat. I really like tracking how much I exercise too-it forces me to be accountable and not skip it-because I want to put it in that I made my goal that day (I'm competitive like that lol) If you register you can add me as a friend on my sparkpage (my user name is Michiganrawfood....and I'm sure you guessed!) I share my daily food menu and you can see how much I work out. lol If you want to stalk my food and exercise habits, feel free to do so! :)

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