Thursday, June 18, 2009

Can foods attract prosperity?

It's not often I get mass mailings in my email that I care about, but when I do it's usually from David Wolfe. The man has some fascinating insights! Check out this latest video about foods that can attract prosperity! I know I need some ;)


Anonymous said...

hmmm i think Food attract prosperity ...!!!

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Caroline said...

I do actually see that there could be a connection between foods that we consume and prosperity. I have seen it in a "child's version" with our son's new and improved skin. He once suffered from severe Eczema, limiting so many things that he could take part in with foods. He was sad, he was unable to eat anything but chicken, peas and rice as a 3 yr old, and he was basically miserable from the itching during all of this. Once he started on his Vidazorb probiotic and it rally began to improve his skin...he was able to eat so many things that we never imagined he's be able to...and still continue to improve! Not just with his skin, but his mind, attitude and demeanor as well. I think that with the satisfaction of eating a variety of healthy foods can come personal fulfillment and empowerment. All of which can affect who we are and how we feel about ourselves. With such esteem can come prosperity! Interesting indeed! Caroline