Saturday, May 30, 2009

No 'Poo Doo and don't wash that Vitamin D out!

Ok, so this isn't really food related...but raw foodists like to keep things natural, so why not with shampoo? I haven't been doing the no 'poo do exactly according to directions (google it...I have a google search bar in the left top corner of this blog if you want) but I have stopped shampooing with regular shampoo every day. I will use just hot water, or lavendar water and tea tree oil. I have to say, it makes my hair actually smell better and it's SO soft (which is something I haven't said in awhile since I started bleaching it!) I maybe wash it twice a week with actual shampoo, and it looks better than ever. Sweet! I also heard too that you can wash Vitamin D off your skin if you use soap. I guess it takes 48 hours for the sunlight to soak into your skin completely. I still use soap, but just in the uh, necessary area lol. You just don't need to go crazy with the body wash/soap on all of your body. Unless of course, you were rolling around in mud or got really sweaty I guess! :P Than do us all a favor and clean up everywhere! I have been getting my 20 minutes of Vitamin D (sunlight) at noon (which I heard was the best time) and upped my Vitamin D dosage, and I have to say, it makes me feel pretty good! I think Vitamin D definitely is important, especially in cloudy places like Michigan! I stopped taking my Vitamin D for a few days because of Memorial Day (I wasn't home) and it was cloudy for four days in a row so I wasn't sitting outside and guess what? I got sick! Ugh. Hard lesson to learn!

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