Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jack in the Green Deli in Kimball, MI

I'm going to Port Huron tomorrow so I was looking for healthy restaurants in the area, and found this place. Kind of a long name, but I'm glad they are there! So, maybe I will not have eat bad tomorrow just because I'm going out! Yay. It seems like they have a good mix of food my non-raw foodist would like also, so that is a plus! Here is their website:


*I went today and had a lot of fun! The food was really good! We had the avocado sandwich and tuna fish one.We got chips with the meal also that were really nice-ery light tasting. We also had almond and hemp smoothies with fruit. The almond tasted better though. My only concern is the sign outside was really small for the deli. I think they should make that bigger or else all the people driving by so quickly on Lapeer road won't know it is a food place! I think they'd get more business that way. I hope they are successful, it seems like a really cool place. Oh, and there is a spa too! Don't mind the one pic of me-I had absolutely NO makeup on today lol

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