Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mobu Herbals...

Speaking of stress and food cravings... I got to try Mobu Herbals recently. I have to admit, the smell of some of them made me gag a bit (sorry, I am very honest person!) but thankfully they absorb in your skin really quick so the smell goes away. In fact, how quickly they absorb seems to be the same reason why they work so good.

I am not getting paid to promote these products...but let's just say I think they can work miracles!! Wow.

Of course, this technology used to be used for ages, and we have screwed things up and have forgotten it.

Let me explain. I just had a horrible allergic reaction to those antiobitics I took. My skin has been red and itchy on my leg for almost a month now. I was just thinking yesterday, I've tried EVERYTHING, I guess it's time to give up and go to a doctor (who caused this in the first place...) and find out what medication will get rid of it....I was getting desperate. It made me really uncomfortable at work, and it looked awful too.

Well, I had a TINY sample of the S.O.S. Balm and guess what? It was healed in ONE day!!!!


You can imagine how happy I am! :)

I can't wait to try the diet one and the A.M. Pain one (for my migraines...been getting them again lately for the first time in 5 years and don't want to keep taking motrin 800!)!!

I hope other people have such good experiences with them also!

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