Thursday, March 3, 2011

Nutrition Unlimited Southgate and Total Health Foods in Wyandotte...downriver's healthy hot spots!

Maybe I'm a little late to finding out about these great stores downriver, but I'm thrilled to find them! I'm always excited to find health food stores somewhere other than Oakland County or Ann Arbor!

Nutrition Unlimited has a really nice selection in a large store, and friendly staff. I really hope to see this store around for a long time! I'm most excited though about the Juice Bar which should be opening soon. Please come out and support them, juice bars are expensive for a business to run-but we are so in need of fast, healthy food. Especially in places like Southgate and other down river areas. The store is kind of hidden in a shopping mall that you wouldn't expect to see a health food store in. Like I said,I really hope they stay around for awhile and I want to see them succeed. People in Wayne County need healthy foods. In fact, we need it more probably. Here is their information:

14185 Eureka Road
Southgate, MI 48195-2065
(734) 284-2357

(and I should have told the owner,but didn't think of it- if they need help putting together a website or even a blog,facebook, or myspace page...I'd be happy to put it together for free!)

Total Health Foods in Wyandotte is a lot smaller, but it's large on charm. They have lots of supplements and a pretty good frozen food and dried food selection. You can also find a lot of unique products there. Also, they had a very enthusiastic and fun Zumba class going on. The staff was also very friendly. My concern was parking (hate parking in downtown's-I can't parallel park to save my life!), but there is actually a lot of room in the parking lot in the back of the store. Their website is:
Total Health Foods Wyandotte, MI

So, don't feel like you need to drive out to Livonia, Ann Arbor, or West Bloomfield to be healthy! Have fun downriver, you have some really great options now!


Anonymous said...

holistic healer closed.....:(
its been about a month...have no idea if she has moved or just closed altogether.....

Alison said...

Oh, bummer :( Thanks for letting me know! The website was still up so I thought they were open. It's so hard to have a business right now, let alone healthy food in an area of economic depression :( I give people credit for trying though!!

drwbaker said...

Great find! I hope these kinds of store would spread all over the world so that we can have lesser health problems. They should also be endorsed by the government and the media for health campaigns.

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Ginger Miller said...

Thanks so much for the positive review. We wanted to check back in with you and let you know that we do now have a website (with an online store coming soon)!