Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Chickens create healthier eggs...

Ok, so I'm not sure how much "research" has been put into this video I saw, but me, it's just common sense and I don't tend to need a lot of research to back up my gut feeling. I've been telling people for years, if you don't care about animals and how they are treated in factory farms because, well, you are a decent human being with feelings....then please, do it for yourself? Animals who are treated like crap will tend to create crappy food. You really, honestly think you put animals in disgusting, unnatural conditions and then eat them-that it won't have a negative effect on you? I just don't understand people sometimes. I have no problem with eating meat occasionally. I'm not a die hard vegan. I think eggs are an amazing food. I just think we tend to eat too much of it, and the quality is not good. There is no ethical reason to treat animals the way we do. If we are going to kill animals for food, we can do it humanely. I'm not saying we have to spend money to put them up in the Ritz hotel, but we do not need to treat them like a car in assembly lines. They are living, breathing and can experience pain and emotions. They are not just dollar signs.

Animals Have Emotions Videos

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